What is “NACster”?

NACster is the term we use to describe our variety camp, which engages campers in various activities, games, and crafts all throughout the day. This style of camp is held for all 13 weeks of Camp NAC; campers can sign up all summer or pick their weeks. Camp NACster is a fast-paced camp that participates in a ton of activities each day.

What is a specialty camp?

Specialty camps are completely different and separate from NACster. Specialty camps have weekly themes ranging from Junior Chef to Project Runway. Campers are completely immersed in activities that follow the theme of their specialty camp they signed up for.

What are the essentials my camper must remember every day?

Full day camps: Campers must bring a snack, water bottle, bathing suit, sunscreen (must be applied before camp) and a lunch depending if they are signed up for the lunch program.

Half day camps: Campers must bring a snack, water bottle, change of clothes, sunscreen, and a bathing suit on Fridays.

Towels for campers are complimentary!

How does swimming work during Camp?

Full day NACster campers will swim every day at the NAC outdoor pool complex. Swim time is from 12:55-1:55PM for Summer 2018.

Full day specialty camps swim every day at the NAC outdoor pool complex. Swim time is from 9:30-10:30AM for Summer 2019.

Mid-Day Care campers will swim every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the NAC outdoor pool complex. Mid-Day Care campers swim from 12:55-1:55PM for Summer 2019.

A swim test will be given every Monday to test their swimming capabilities, campers can choose to take the test or not. Campers that have not passed the test nor want to take the test will wear a life jacket for their safety. Swim time will be guarded by the NACs professional rescuers as well as supervised by Camp NAC counselors.

Campers that are enrolled in multiple weeks will still have to take the swim test every Monday.

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