Full Day Specialty Camps

Ages: 6-12

Full Day Specialty– What does a full day camper look like?

  • Your full day camper has an area of interest. They will spend their week exploring their niche activity, leaving them learning and creating both at the same time. This less competitive atmosphere allows your child’s mind to soar.

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Specialty camps are for campers who love to use their imaginations. These camps are all designed around weekly themes, which vary and change week to week. Themes range from science and sports to cooking and theater (and everything in between)! Creative campers will have a ball spending the week immersed in their own unique interests with like-minded peers. We are excited to be introducing a few new themes to our 2017 camp schedule.

Week 2 (June 12-16)

  • Diva Dance: Are you ready to bust a move? Campers will spend the week getting in touch with their inner diva. Create your own dance routine, inspired by popular music superstars. Strut your stuff and shine bright as you take the stage on Friday at 2:30pm for the end of week performance! Also offered Week 6. All shows will be posted online for parents who cannot attend.
  • Sports of All Sorts: Calling all sports lovers! This variety sports camp is perfect for campers who can never pick just one favorite sport. Get ready for a week full of sports action. Counselors will break down athletic skills and encourage campers to work as a team. Campers, it’s time to get your game face on and get ready to play a variety of sports and competitions! Also offered Week 11.

Week 3 (June 19-23)

  • Backyard Sports: Lead your team to victory in this fun week, filled with your favorite field games. Whiffle ball, kickball, Frisbee and relay races are just a few of the classic backyard games that campers will enjoy. Break up into teams for some friendly competition and get ready to get active. This week of camp is about having fun and working together, as campers explore tons of indoor and outdoor sports games. Also offered Weeks 7 & 12.
  • Junior Chef: Bon Appétit! Campers will spend the week cultivating their culinary skills. During a visit from the NAC’s registered dietitian, campers will learn a thing or two about proper nutrition and balanced meals. This camp has an emphasis on healthy eating that’s tasty too. Each day, campers will cook a snack and lunch that they will enjoy. By the end of the week, these campers will fill up their cookbooks, which they can take home to make their yummy recipes over and over again. This camp has a $35 material fee. Snack and lunch are included every day this week. Also offered Week 10. View the weekly menu.
  • Myth Busters: Do Diet Coke and Mentos actually create an explosion? Can you taste without saliva in your mouth? Can soda make raisins dance? This camp, inspired by the hit TV show, will test these popular legends and many more with carefully designed experiments. Campers should be ready to think outside the box and see which of these urban legends will be confirmed and which will be busted! This camp has a $10 material fee.

Week 4 (June 26-30)

  • Aqua Art: Channel your inner artist and infuse some creativity into classic water games. Campers will get wet and wild as their favorite water activities take on a colorful transformation. Keep cool as you show off your originality. Campers are in for a fun week, but be sure to apply sunscreen each day as campers will be outside for the majority of the day.
  • Inventor’s Workshop: Creative minds unite! This week is all about exploring your imagination to see what your mind can create. Learn about some of the world’s most famous inventors and how they used science and technology to change the world. Campers will take a look at famous inventions and then come up with one of their own, which they can show off at the end of the week! This camp has a $10 material fee.
  • Xtreme Warrior: Are you ready to test your endurance and prove that you are the ultimate warrior? This fitness camp will have a schedule jam-packed with obstacles courses, relay races, sports games and other fun activities designed to test each camper’s stamina! A Parisi Speed School class and a mini Spartan Race are just two of the competitions that these warriors will participate in. Campers, get ready to sweat in this week of physical fun.

Week 5 (July 3-7) no camp on 7/4

  • The Challenge: Are you up for the challenge? Campers use their team building skills to get through physically strenuous obstacle courses and mentally demanding puzzles. Once you finish your task for the day, receive a clue for your new challenge tomorrow. Complete all of the missions to reveal an extra special surprise on Friday!
  • Harry Potter: Enter the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry! Inspired by the famous books and movies, campers will experience what spending a week at Hogwarts would be like. On Monday, slip on the Sorting Hat and discover which of the four houses you’re destined to belong in. Campers will spend the week making their own wand, learning about magical creatures and even playing in a game of Quidditch!
  • Restaurant Wars: This week is all about fighting with food! Campers will be split up into teams, where they will work together to create the best restaurant of all time. Come up with a name and menu, then it’s time to get cooking. After spending the week creating their concepts, campers will face the judges to see which restaurants get rave reviews. This camp has a $15 material fee.

Week 6 (July 10-14)

  • Diva Dance: See Week 2
  • Mad Scientist: Get ready for a week full of exciting experimentation in this wacky science camp! Campers will learn the scientific method, then develop experiments to test their theories. Each young scientist will be able to conduct his or her own simple experiment. At the end of the week, show off your experiment at the camp science fair. This camp has a $10 material fee.
  • Waterpalooza: Dive on in and cool off in this splashtastic camp! Campers can expect to get wet each day during this week, soaking up the sun and having a blast in the NAC outdoor pool complex. Campers will also compete in fun water wars against their friends. Make sure to apply sunscreen each day as campers will spend the majority of their time outside, rain or shine.

Week 7 (July 17-21)

  • Backyard Sports: See Week 3
  • Musical Theater: Are you ready to sing and dance your heart out? Camp NAC’s 2017 edition of musical theater camp will have campers performing the classic musical, The Wizard of Oz. In addition to preparing sets, costumes and choreography for their performance, campers will also take mini lessons in singing and dancing to improve their skills. Campers, be prepared to break a leg because the curtain will rise at 2:30pm on Friday for all to see! All shows will be posted online for parents who cannot attend.
  • Pokemon: Poké-mania is here! Inspired by the popular Japanese card game and TV show, campers will be immersed in the fictional world throughout the week. Campers will use their imaginations to create their very own Pokémon character and design a new storyline! Throughout the week, campers search for special Pokémon cards hidden throughout the outdoor pool complex and NAC Sports Training Center to add to their collection! This camp has a $10 material fee. Campers are not permitted to bring their own Pokémon cards to camp during this week. Camp NAC is not responsible for any lost, stolen or traded cards.

Week 8 (July 24-28)

  • Act it Out: Step into the spotlight! Whether your camper prefers acting, writing or directing they can show off their creativity at this camp. Campers will work together to write their own original play, memorize their lines and then make their debut on Friday at 2:30pm for all to see! To make sure that the performance is the best it can be, acting crash courses will be taught throughout the week. We can’t wait to see what the campers have prepared for their end of the week performance on Friday! All shows will be posted online for parents who cannot attend.
  • Cinderella Warrior: Is your little princess ready to get her hands dirty? Look no further than this girls-only bootcamp! Prim princesses should get ready to break a sweat during a busy week of fitness fun. Campers will work on their speed and agility during Parisi Speed School sessions, obstacle courses and dance classes. Learn the best way to refuel during a visit from the NAC’s registered dietitian, then put your knowledge to the test creating healthy smoothies.
  • Lego City: Your imagination is the limit when it comes to building a piece of your ideal city. Our campers have been contracted to come together to create a cool city, constructed entirely out of Legos! Throughout the week, campers will use Legos to learn about structures as they explore their inner engineer during challenge builds. Free build time will be available each day for campers to work on their designs before they come together at the end of the week for a master unveiling. What will you add to Lego City? This camp has a $40 material fee. All campers will receive a Lego set to take home.

Week 9 (July 31-August 4)

  • Baking Bootcamp: Ready, set, bake! Campers will spend this week at camp improving their culinary skills by baking both classic desserts and some of Camp NAC’s innovative baked goods. You name it, we’re baking it! At the end of the week, campers will test their new skills in “Cupcake Wars,” a competition to see whose cupcakes will reign supreme! This camp has a $15 material fee. Also offered Week 11.
  • NACtive Gaming: Level up! Enter the virtual world of gaming at Camp NAC. Campers will get to experience what it feels like to be a real video game character. Campers, assemble your ranks for real-life versions of your favorite video games and get ready to design your own unique game controller! Work together as a team to pass each level and complete all the Camp NAC challenges by the end of the week. Who will be the high scorer?

Week 10 (August 7-11)

  • Boys Rule: Boys will be boys! Campers should be prepared to get a little messy in this week’s activities. Gather your squad and see if you can survive in a giant nerf gun war. After a day full of activities, campers can kick back by making cool crafts, including cardboard rockets and more. Even the most energetic boys will be worn out by the end of this week!
  • Junior Chef: See Week 3 for description. View the week’s menu
  • Robotic K’NEX: Aspiring engineers will have tons of fun building designs that really work! After learning some robotics and engineering basics, put your knowledge to the test as you create
    amazing models from K’NEX. Each day, campers will use their free build time to craft working models of amusement rides, cars and more. Share ideas and get to work building and tinkering until your design is perfect to take home at the end of the week. This camp has a $40 material fee. All campers will receive a robotics K’NEX set to take home.

Week 11 (August 14-18)

  • Baking Bootcamp: See Week 9
  • Sports of All Sorts: See Week 2
  • Star Wars: Join Camp NAC in a galaxy far, far away during this week of Star Wars camp! Campers will start the week as rookies, but as they succeed in various challenges they will complete their Jedi Training! Campers can expect to face a test of their ability to use the force, tackle a Star Wars themed obstacle course and even complete a few light saber battles. May the force be with you as you try to beat the challenges and become a Camp NAC certified Jedi!

Week 12 (August 21-25)

  • Backyard Sports: See Week 3
  • Crazy Crafts: Camp NAC is getting crazy during this week of creative artistic activities! Campers will be decked out in decorations from group and individual crafts created throughout the week. From beaded bracelets to painted birdhouses, campers will get crafty trying out some new techniques! Campers will also work together on big group project that will be displayed in the NAC Sports Training Center!
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