How To Make The Most Of Your 2018 Camp Brochure!

We are SO excited that our Camp NAC brochure is finally here! After months of hard work brainstorming how we could make summer 2018 the best, seeing the final product was great. For our camp parents, the arrival of the brochure can be both exciting and very overwhelming. With so many amazing camps and programs to choose from, parents are presented with many different options to make their camper’s summer the best it can be. We have decided to compile a list of some helpful pointers on how to use the brochure to customize your camper’s summer. Check out our tips below:

  1. Parent Testimonials: On page 5, we wanted you to hear what our awesome Camp NAC parents are saying! See the benefits of sending your child to the best camp in Bucks County.
  2. Camps at a Glance: On pages 6 and 7, you will find our Summer 2018 Camps at a Glance chart. Here you will find the dates for each week of Camp NAC and the available camp programs we have offered. You can also find information about our Open House and ways to save with our various camp discounts.
  3. How to Choose a Camp: If you turn the page beginning with page 8, you will find a helpful information on how to pick the right programs for your camper based on age, interests, pickup times & more! At Camp NAC, we are very flexible and offer many different options for parents to choose from. With easy to understand sample schedules, weekly themes, activity calendars & more, it helps you to decide which camps and programs are appropriate for your camper.
  4. Sun Level Key: Throughout the brochure, you will notice orange suns next to the camp theme options. Be sure to look for these and refer to the sun level keys to determine how many hours will be spent outside each day depending upon the camp. All full day campers enjoy one hour of recreational swim daily in our outdoor water park.
  5. What To Bring: At the bottom of each page, refer to the icons to see exactly what your child needs to come to camp with each day. Please note, bathing suits vary depending upon camp descriptions for half day camps. All full day campers swim!
  6. When Registering For Camp: When registering for camp flip to pages 22 & 23, it is as easy as 1-2-3-4! Pick and choose your weeks, log on to our website, click “enroll” in the top right corner & complete your application! These tips will help save you time and keep you updated on the most important Camp NAC information leading up to summer.
  7. Before you Enroll: Once you have decided on your weeks and camps, make sure to skim through our policies & procedures on page 24. This page includes important information regarding cancellations, transfers, and check-in and check-out procedures.

We are looking forward to another amazing summer! Our Early Bird Discount begins January 1st and runs until February 18th. You must pay in full & register online to receive 10% off.

If you have any questions about Camp NAC, feel free to contact the camp office at 215-968-0600 x 155.

Amanda BrownHow To Make The Most Of Your 2018 Camp Brochure!