Camp NAC Sleepover

Glow in the dark Zumba, night swimming, and a sleepover with camp friends—these are just a few of the exciting activities that go on at a Camp NAC sleepover.  Next weeks theme for the Camp NAC sleepover is Game Show. We will be holding competitions all night for campers to compete in. The date for the Sleepover is set for Thursday August 14th. We hope to see you all there. 
On Thursday, July 10th, Camp NAC held their first sleepover of the year and this is how it went. Campers began arriving at 8:00pm in the blue gym with sleeping bags, pillows, and smiles. They then headed right to Zumba in the Spin Room with glow sticks in hand. Chase, a NACster camper, said that the Zumba was his favorite part. He also said that “all of my camp friends were there” which made it better for him. After they exercised, everyone got changed for night swimming in the outdoor pool complex. Just as campers stepped into the pool, storm clouds rolled in so there was a change of plans. Instead all of the campers got to swim in the indoor pool. Kelly, a NACster camper as well, said that she and the other campers still had a blast swimming with all of their friends. After swim time, it was time to get changed into pajamas, have popcorn as a nighttime snack, and head to bed. Although the weather did not hold out, campers and counselors all had a great time and got a good night’s sleep.