Top 10 Things Happening this Summer at Camp (#2)

There are 2 days left until the start of Camp NAC’s summer! To countdown these last few days, we are sharing the top 10 things happening this summer at Camp NAC. Keep checking in every day for the next 2 days to see what we have in store for our lucky campers this summer.

2. Camp Sleepover

If your camper can’t get enough fun packed into just one camp day, why not extend the fun and have them stay the night?! There will be two extra special dates for campers to spend the night will all their favorite camp friends and counselors.
One day during camp leading up to the night of the sleepover, counselors will prepare a funny skit about the sleepover to perform for campers. Last summer, campers loved the skit and it made everyone super excited for the night to arrive.
There will be two sleepovers this year exclusively for campers on July 9th and August 13th. Each sleepover will have a surprise theme that will be revealed later in the summer. Campers will participate in fun activities throughout the night relating to the theme. Past sleepover themes have included Game Show, where campers and counselors faced off in a variety of challenges and games, and Glow in the Dark, where campers participated in glow in the dark Zumba and more!
This summer, campers can be guaranteed a night of fun no matter what the theme. One exciting activity that campers will love at the sleepover is going nighttime swimming in the NAC pool! After a long day of fun and games, campers will be tucked in to rest up for another full camp day.