Camp Catch Up Week 11

Make sure to check out our weekly Camp Catch Up every Friday to see what awesome activities took place during that week of Camp NAC!
Our Week 11 campers had so much fun this week. Our campers had a jam-packed week full of fun activities, field trips, games and more! Check out what each camp was up to this week:
Half Day Specialty
Our half day specialty camps this week were Let Boys be Boys and It’s a Girl Thing.
Campers enrolled in Let Boys be Boys got down and dirty this week doing all the things that boys love best. They participated in paper airplane races, made delicious pizzas, and decorated their own rockets!
In It’s a Girl Thing, campers spent their week getting all dolled up. These girly girls took a trip to the Urban Allure Salon at the NAC for some hair-braiding, made their own lip gloss, and planted some beautiful flowers.
Full Day Specialty
Our full day specialty camps this week were Gymnastics, Baking Bootcamp, and Boys Rule.
Our Gymnastics campers worked on their skills throughout the week. The campers worked with Mr. Dan and Miss Kelly, Newtown Gymnastics Club Team coach and the NAC gymnastics coordinator, all week and had a great time improving skills.
Campers in Baking Bootcamp spent the week preparing and baking some delicious treats. These little bakers enjoyed sampling their tasty treats including Oreo balls, homemade ice cream, and soft pretzels.
Boys Rule campers had a high energy week playing fun games and competing in sports competitions. From nerf battles to creating their own bouncy balls, these boys had nonstop fun all week long.
Teen Travel and CIT
CIT campers were focused on learning leadership skills this week at camp. Along with the Teen Travel campers, the CITs planned a car wash on Friday to raise money for charity.
Teen Travel campers headed off for a day of fun in the sun at Dorney Park’s Wild Water Kingdom on their Wednesday field trip. On Friday, both the CITs and Teen Travelers planned a car wash to raise money for the American Cancer Society.
This is the last week of Camp NAC for our Teen Campers and CITs, we will miss you all!
On Monday, NACster campers participated in a run the bases competition!
On Tuesday, campers got to sing their hearts out for all of their friends in a karaoke performance!
Campers took a trip to the New Jersey State Museum Planetarium on Wednesday to see an exciting Laser Light Show! Afterwards, campers came back to Camp NAC for swimming in the afternoon.
On Thursday, NACster campers tested their knowledge in Game Show day!
Last but not least, Friday our NACster campers spent their morning playing tons of  fun carnival games like dizzy bat relays, sac races, and a photo booth.
Camp Champs
Our Camp Champs for Week 11 are Norah from Gymnastics Camp and Billy from NACster!
This week’s girl Camp Champ is Norah! Norah is a great friend to all her Camp NAC friends! This week, Norah worked hard during camp on improving her skills and also was really nice to her friends.
Our boy Camp Champ of the week this week is Billy! He spent his week in Camp NACster, and has been attending Camp NAC all summer long. He is always a good listener and is nice to his camp friends. Billy loves camp because he gets to spend time with his friends and his twin brother Ryan!
Our Week 11 Counselor of the Week is Dylan. Mr. Dylan is a great addition to the Camp NAC team of counselors, which is why he is our Counselor of the Week this week. Dylan always comes to camp with a positive attitude and a smile on his face! Keep up the great work!
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