Letter from Amanda Brown, Camp Director

Dear Parents & Campers,
I just wanted to thank everyone for an amazing summer here at Camp NAC! This summer has left both our counselors and campers with some amazing memories and we are so happy we were able to spend time together.
We are always sad to see summer come to an end, but we have so many memories to look back on from this summer. One of our favorite weeks of camp, as always, was Color Games! All of our NACster campers were divided up into teams and the whole week they competed in fun Red Team versus Blue Team games and competitions. The campers were even able to see their counselors perform a fun dance! At the end of the week Red Team was declared this summer’s champions, but everyone did an amazing job.
This summer we were also very excited for all of our new specialty camps. These campers were able to participate in so many cool new activities. Week 9, our Xtreme Warrior campers competed in a mini tough mudder obstacle course. Our Myth Busters campers spent a week putting some common myths to the test like whether or not we really have a blind spot in our eye. Next summer, we are adding even more fun camp themes so be sure to check out our brochure later this year.
This summer our biggest change here at Camp NAC was our move to the NAC Sports Training Center. We were so excited to finally have our own space just for campers. Throughout the summer this transition proved to be an amazing change and we were able to give our camps their own separate spaces within this new building.
I hope that you had an amazing experience here at Camp NAC this summer. I am always available for any questions, concerns or suggestions that you may have. We are looking forward to seeing some of our campers back next year for another fun-filled summer! Thanks for helping us be one of the best summer camps in Bucks County!
See you all soon,
Amanda Brown
Camp Director
215-968-0600 x155 | amandabrown@newtownathletic.com