10 Questions to Ask Your Camper on the Way Home

10 Questions to Ask Your Camper on the Way Home
At Camp NAC we are aware about the importance of communication between the staff, the camper’s, and the parent’s. We are very active with our social media platforms, e-mails, handouts, and fliers. To stay as up to date as possible with everything going on at Camp NAC, follow us on Twitter (@Camp_NAC), Instagram (@Camp_NAC), or like us on Facebook (Facebook.com/CampNAC). Each week we send out a newsletter summarizing the week and giving a preview of the next week. You should also check out our photo albums, and parent letters on our This Week at Camp… Page. We recognize the fact that we aren’t able to communicate each activity done by each camp during the day, but our focus is to increase communications so each parent knows exactly what their camper is doing.
To help parents learn more about their camper’s AWESOME day at Camp NAC, here are some questions to ask your camper on their ride home (some questions only apply to certain camps):
1.       What was your favorite game you played today? Least favorite?
2.       What is your counselor’s name?
3.       Did you learn anything new today?
4.       Would you be interested in going on the field trip on Wednesday? (Camp NACster)
5.       How was the pool today?
6.       Did you make any crafts today?
7.       Did you have more fun playing outside or inside?
8.       How was your snack? Lunch?
9.       What sport did you focus on today in sports camp?
10.   What was today’s theme at camp?
Checking Camp NAC’s updates on social media and asking your camper some of these questions should help you to know much more about what took place during your camper’s terrific day at Camp NAC! We hope your camper is beyond excited to tell you about their day when they get picked up!
We hope this helps our Camp NAC parents learn more about their camper’s day at camp!