Camp Catch Up: Week 6

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All of our campers had an awesome week during Week 6 of camp! This was one of the most exciting weeks of camp with Color Games and some awesome specialty camps. We had so much fun exploring the world, adventuring to outer space, competing in Blue vs. Red competitions and more! See what our campers enjoyed during the sixth week here at the best camp in Bucks County.
Half Day Specialty
The half day specialty camps offered this week were Soccer and Infinity & Beyond.
Half day Soccer campers spend the week learning the basics. Campers practiced passing back and forth to teammates and dribbling the ball. At the end of the week, campers showed off their skills in a fun scrimmage game.
Inifinity & Beyond campers took a trip in their rocket ship to explore outer space. These little astronauts saw all the planets in the solar system and even ran into a few aliens.
Full Day Specialty
The full day specialty camps offered this week were Amazing Race and Waterpalooza!
This week’s Waterpalooza campers had a blast making a splash each day. These campers spent their days participating in activities like water balloon competitions, water bucket relay races, a slip ‘n slide and more.
Our Amazing Race campers took a trip around the world, stopping in Russia, France, Japan, Italy and Spain! Campers created their own passports and explored what each country had to offer. They enjoyed candy sushi in Japan, took a trip to the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed enchiladas in Spain.
Sports Camps
This week’s sports camps were Basketball and Gymnastics camp.
Campers enrolled in Basketball camp spent the week working on their skills and drills. Practicing skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting, campers did a great job developing a better understanding of the rules of the game.
Gymnastics campers spent their week improving their gymnastics abilities. Campers were able to spend time on all pieces of gymnastics apparatus. Working with Mr. Kieran and NAC gymnastics coaches, campers built their skills and had a fun week.
Teen Camps
Our Teen Travel campers went on one field trip this week to Tyler State Park. The teens also were able to participate in the Color Games fun all week long with Camp NACster.
This week, LITs had a blast learning all about this week’s theme – Cooking. LITs spent their week in the kitchen learning how to prepare a variety of recipes to make on their own. Pancakes, lettuce wraps, and fruit salad were just a few of the dishes that LITs had the chance to practice making with the guidance of Miss Alyssa.
This week was Color Games for our NACster campers. NACster campers were divided into the Blue Team and the Red Team. All week long, campers and counselors competed in fun Blue vs. Red competitions, including sports tournaments, relay races, and more. The week was ended on Friday with counselor dances, performed to Justin Beiber’s “What Do You Mean” and a DJ dance party. This was definitely the most exciting week of camp so far for NACster!
Visit the NACster Activity Calendar to see what Camp NAC has in store for the rest of the summer!
Our NAC STARS for Week 6 were Izzy from Camp NACster and Virginia from half day Soccer camp!
Our boy NACSTAR is Izzy from Camp NACster! Izzy is a great role model to all of his camp friends and a great teammate for Color Games this week! He is a great example of what good sportsmanship should look like!
Our girl NACSTAR is Virginia from half day soccer camp! Virginia is a great listener and an even better helper! She helps her counselors and her camp friends with whatever they need!
Our counselor of the week is Ms. Emily! This is Emily’s first summer at Camp NAC, but she has worked at other camps before so she is a pro! She is very creative and spontaneous so she is able to do awesome things with her group! She is looking forward to the rest of the summer with the staff and awesome campers!