two young boys are camp with arts and crafts

Back to School!

After an incredible summer, we are sad to see our camp NAC kids head back to school but excited to hear all about their school year at school’s out camps and next summer! As you get back to your school schedule, we wanted to offer some tips that could potentially help you get through your child’s school year!

  1. Introduce yourself to your child’s teacher and build a relationship with him/her.
    • This will give you a feel for the teacher and the communication level that you will be on with them. This could include if they prefer to be contacted over social media or email vs a teacher who prefers phone calls or in-person meetings.
  2. Help your child learn to make homework a priority.
    • Schedule a specific time of the day when your child should be doing their homework. Keep this time consistent so that their brains begin to function on that schedule and they know that this is when they need to have all homework done. This also keeps them consistent with what they learn everyday. If your child is having unsolvable homework difficulty, contact their teacher as soon as possible to schedule a meeting and make a plan.
  3. Prepare a study area.
    • Get your child excited about studying by making a place in your home where they can do homework and study. This makes them excited because they were able to participate in something that is going to be for them. Whether it be a desk, comfy bean bags, etc., they will enjoy the fact that they have their own space and it will help them to focus on their school work.
  4. Take charge of TV time.
    • This one is so important because electronics time and TV time are a distraction. If you schedule certain times when they get to watch their shows or play games, it encourages your child to be a part of this time with their family. Do it as a group because it gets family time in and schedule it around other fun activities like dinner or going to get ice cream.
  5. Get everyone to bed on time.
    • During the summer, children are not always on a schedule and that is very understanding! However, proper rest is essential to have a healthy and productive school year. This is also part of scheduling during the week and getting your child used to going to bed at a certain time. Plus, if you have other children, it is good to keep them around the same schedule so that they can encourage each other to go to sleep.
  6. Make healthy meals.
    • No one can concentrate when they’re hungry and then we get hangry! To avoid your child getting distracted from a rumbling belly during the school day, make a healthy breakfast for them. There are many recipes that can be followed and ways to get your child involved with making their own breakfast, lunch and snack for school.
  7. Plan to read with your child everyday.
    • Reading is essential to the growing mind and reading for even a minimum of 20 minutes will get their gears turning and you are helping your child to improve their literacy. Plus, this is a great way to get your child reading with you and furthering their vocabulary.

We hope that you have enjoyed these tips and that they help make the summer to school adjustment easier! We cannot wait to see you during school’s out camp and we hope that your child enjoys their school year!