Our popular STEM camps combine the main principles of the STEM method: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Campers will utilize their problem-solving skills and critical thinking while participating in exciting activities. Solve puzzles, conduct crazy experiments, or even create a new invention – your imagination is the limit!

Ages 6-8:

NEW! Edible Science (Week 11)
Join us on our journey to discover just how cool (and delicious) science can be! You won’t want to miss out on Fizzy Lemonade, Candy Crystals, Centripetal Force Jell-O and much more. $15 material fee.

Marvel Madness (Week 7)
Bring fantasy to reality! Learn how to smash like the Hulk, complete Thor’s hammer throw and ace Hawkeye’s archery challenge. This camp is full of adventure and outdoor activities. $10 material fee.

NEW! Mario Party (Week 9)
Level up in this Mario Bros inspired camp! Campers will recreate their favorite mini games throughout the week. Choose which throwback character you want to be and get ready to join the party! $10 material fee.

NEW! Outdoor Science (Week 6)
It’s time to head outdoors and learn science in this active, kinesthetic-based camp! Prepare to be amazed at everything science can do, like a watermelon volcano, solar oven s’mores and dirt battery experiments! $10 material fee.


Ages 6-12:

Cardboard Creations (Week 6)
Get ready to build your heart out with all cardboard! Campers will be broken into teams and design their own cardboard creations to present on Friday to the group. What will you make – a windmill, a robot, a maze? $15 material fee.

Harry Potter (Week 4)
Escape into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and learn about the spells, potions, wands and magical beasts of JK Rowling’s series. They will wear the infamous sorting hat to select their House: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin on the first day of camp. $15 material fee.

Krazy K’NEX (Week 8)
Let’s become innovators by using the building blocks for the future through K’NEX! This camp encourages the fun-powered imaginations of campers for building, problem solving, increasing focus and critical thinking. $45 material fee.

Lego City (Weeks 5, 10)
The building blocks we all love! Promote fine motor skills, creativity, lateral thinking and planning skills for good brain functionality. Spend the week preparing to unveil your masterpiece on Friday! $40 material fee.

NACtive Gaming (Week 7)
Pacman, to Pinball, Mine Craft and more! Spend the week recreating video games and turning them into real life games! No actual video games will
be played. $10 material fee.

Science Explorers (Weeks 5, 12)
Science re-imagined with crystal egg geodes, instant snow and magnetic field sensory bottles! From curiosity to amazement, campers will see science unfold before their eyes. Let’s get exploring! $15 material fee.

Slime Mania (Weeks 4, 10)
Experience slime themed chemistry experiments that enhance math, ratio and sensory play skills. Each day, campers will make a different type of slime that they can take home. $25 material fee.

Star Wars (Week 11)
Enter the world of Star Wars and prepare for the rise of Skywalker. Get tested through various challenges to complete your Jedi training and make out of this world crafts like molten lava slime, mini lightsabers, and more! $15 material fee.

STEM Challenge (Week 8)
During this week, campers will test their skills through many activities including a catapult, balloon car and water lift challenge. Campers will use science, math and critical thinking skills throughout the week. $15 material fee.

The Escape Room (Week 9)
This interactive camp will have campers working together to solve the puzzle and escape the room. Everyone must share their clues, take careful note and put their brains together if there is any hope of escaping. $15 material fee.


Ages 9-12:

Broadcasting (Week 6)
What’s happening at Camp NAC this week? Campers will work on television broadcasting and being in front of the green screen this week of camp as they interview staff and campers and discuss all the exciting things happening around camp. $10 material fee.

NEW! STEM Games (Weeks 7, 9)
Campers will explore their knowledge of STEM through interactive games! Learn about energy transfer through dominoes and use your math skills to win math fact Jenga! Let the STEM games begin! $15 material fee.

Techno Kids (Week 11)
Calling all techno-kids! During this week, campers will fly drones, put together computers, and work on coding. Don’t miss out on this next level camp. $10 material fee.