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Basketball Camp

Week 6 of Camp NAC is off to a great start. The commencement of Color Games has started today, after a year of anticipation from campers. They were divided into even teams of Team Red and Team Blue. Campers have been rooting on their team since 9 AM this morning, way to have team spirit […]

Teen Travel and CIT

Teen Travel Camp is also having a ton of fun during Color Games. One of their competitions they competed in was a doughnut eating competition. Campers had to eat an entire doughnut that was dangling from a string with their hands tied behind their back. Some of the campers found it difficult to keep the doughnut from swaying back […]

Week 6 highlights

Week six at Camp NAC is sadly coming to an end, but the winner of color games will soon be announced! The battle is close and both teams are giving it their all today to pull for a win. Good Luck to both red and blue, and may the odds be ever in your favor. […]

Philadelphia Zoo

Half day specialty camp, Safari Adventure had a special visit from the Philadelphia Zoo today. All different types of animals made a visit to Camp NAC. Animals like a red footed tortoise, an armadillo, and a snake came to hang out with our campers today. Campers even got an educational lesson on each animal and […]

Inventors Workshop Science Camp

Let your imagination and creativity run wild during Inventors Workshop Camp. Campers built all sorts of things made from recycled materials including time machines, bridges, and awesome hats and masks. Using materials like cardboard boxes, egg cartons, and milk jugs campers brainstormed what they wanted to invent and design and then worked together to build the ultimate […]

Field Trip – Trenton Thunder!

Today camp NACster went on a field trip to the Trenton Thunder baseball game. Campers go to sit back and relax to watch the game with their friends. Campers also got to see the Trenton Thunder mascot Boomer the Thunderbird.  Congrats to two of our campers who even caught a foul ball! Yesterday Safari Adventure camp […]

Camp NAC Sleepover

Glow in the dark Zumba, night swimming, and a sleepover with camp friends—these are just a few of the exciting activities that go on at a Camp NAC sleepover.  Next weeks theme for the Camp NAC sleepover is Game Show. We will be holding competitions all night for campers to compete in. The date for […]

Bucks County's Best Camp

Camp NAC! At Camp NAC we strive to uphold our motto, “Making Summer Better,” and are committed to ensure your child has the best summer ever. Parents can sign up their campers by picking and choosing certain weeks or sign up for the entire twelve weeks of summer. Camp NAC is conveniently located in Bucks County, […]

Bucks County – Game Show sleepover

The second Camp NAC sleepover of the summer is in only a couple of hours, but there are some things you must prepare prior to attending. Campers will arrive at 8pm, and check in will be located in the Blue Gym, same location as check in for camp. Please be sure to remember the following: […]

Aqua Fun Run

We have compiled a list of the top ten moments that have happened during this summer at Camp NAC! Starting the countdown at number 10 is the Aqua Fun Run Day, also known as AFR! The Aqua Fun Run is an inflatable for the indoor pool. Campers got to climb, slide, jump, and run all through the […]