Our Water Park

What sets us above the rest is our Four Acre World Class Resort Outdoor Pool Complex, which our campers get full access to!

Full day campers receive full access to our outdoor water park for one hour of recreational swim everyday (weather permitting). Half day campers can also be eligible for recreational swim on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays if they enroll in Mid-day care.

Swimming in the outdoor pool is every camper’s favorite part of their day! Campers are free to jump, slide, and swim through the lazy river, water slides, and zero entry pool. Plus, the splash pad is the perfect hangout for our younger campers.

Safety is one of our top priorities at Camp NAC, especially when it comes to swim time. Each Monday of the camp week, campers are required to take a swim test given by one of our Red Cross certified lifeguards. Campers who are unable or unwilling to complete the test (or upon parent request) are given a flotation device called a swimbelt. This ensures all campers are safe throughout the duration of their time in the water park.

*Please note: Children under 48 inches (1.22 m) tall are not permitted on the water slides. This is a pool rule and there are no exceptions.*

Every Friday night from 3-8PM, the outdoor pool complex is open to campers and their families to enjoy.
*Excluding 4th of July weekend*

Swim Lessons

Parents wishing to add swim lessons to their campers swim day may do so at an additional cost. At 3:00 the lifeguards will pick up your camper from the NAC Sports Training Center (NSTC) and take them to the indoor pool complex for their lesson. At the beginning of the week, campers will be tested and placed in groups based on ability. Their lesson will last 40 minutes, then they will get changed and head back to the NSTC for pick up. Swim extend camper’s camp day until 4:30, where they will be picked up back at the NSTC. We recommend packing an additional swim suit for your camper so they are not in their wet one from earlier that day. For information on swim lessons, contact info@campnac.com.