Gymnastics Lessons | 3:00pm-4:30pm | Ages 5-12

Gymnastics is a terrific way for children to develop fine motor skills, self-esteem, self-discipline and coordination, while learning to love kids fitness and sport. Known as one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs, gymnastics incorporates strength, speed, flexibility, balance, coordination, power, endurance and discipline. Shy or bold, all youth can benefit from beginning their own practice and learning how to move their bodies.

Our afternoon youth gymnastics lessons in Newtown are designed for campers who are comfortable with basic positions and skills, and have a fundamental understanding of each piece of equipment. Gymnasts will continue to train basic skills while adding difficulty to their mastered skills.

Each gymnastics lesson in our afternoon gymnastic camp program is 1-hour to allow children to become familiar with all of the equipment, and properly practice their new skills. Lessons will take place at the Newtown Athletic Club’s gymnastics studio, located on the 3rd floor Youth Plex. Campers who participate in youth gymnastics lessons will be transported to and from the Newtown Sports Training Center facility by an instructor. There are limited spots available in our program each week.

Youth gymnastics lessons – available camp weeks 1-11 only.