Full Day Specialty Themed Cooking Camps (Ages 6-12)

Grab your apron and get ready to create a culinary masterpiece! In addition to getting hands-on cooking time, campers will learn all about nutrition, food safety, the science of cooking and mindfulness through meditation and yoga. We’ll keep campers active, too; playing games and activities themed around everyone’s favorite topic – FOOD!

*NAC Registered Dietitian lesson included for all Cooking Camps!

Camps at a Glance:

Baking Bootcamp (Weeks 4, 8)
Calling all kid bakers! Learn the newest baking techniques this week during this hands-on camp. Campers will learn how to apply math, planning, and hand-eye coordination skills as they whip up delicious desserts in the kitchen! Spend the week honing your skills to prepare yourself for our Friday cupcake war showdown! $35 material fee.

NEW! Be Our Guest (Week 9)
Like they say in Beauty and the Beast, “Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test. Tie your napkin ‘round your neck.” This week of camp we will recreate the magical Disney inspired foods in the movies we all love! Campers will learn all about proper etiquette and being perfect hosts and hostesses. Join us and put your table manners to the test! $15 material fee.

Farm to Table (Weeks 10, 11)
This week of camp is inspired to show children the power of a seed, healthy earth, and the wonders of growing – from SEED TO PLATE.
Campers will gain awareness of where food comes from and the hard work and love it requires to prepare meals and snacks. Don’t miss out on the week we have a petting zoo come to camp, or baby chicks hatching! $20 material fee.

International Culinary (Week 12)
Travel the world from Denmark, to Italy, Sweden and more in this week of international cooking and educational fun! Cooking will become a form of art this week as campers get to express themselves in their own unique way through food. Join us to sharpen your culinary skills and experience the different types of foods from all around the world! $15 material fee

Jr. Chef (Week 7)
If you have love for cooking, then this week is perfect for you! We will cover everything from the basics to the newest cooking techniques. Gain independence, be unique, and express yourself through creativity in the kitchen. Our motto is to allow campers to accomplish every task required through the process of informing, demonstrating, assisting and letting them go! $35 material fee.

Pastry Chef (Week 5)
Get involved this week of camp making delicious pastry desserts. Campers will work on their skills, learn new terminology and understand the history behind each food they make. Modifications will be made to recipes to encourage healthy eating the fun way! $15 material fee.

Restaurant Wars (Week 6)
Get the joy of creating dishes and eating them during this friendly competitive camp! Campers will break into teams in the beginning of the week, and together will compete in events and challenges to gain points to see who will be crowned the winner of Restaurant Wars on Friday! $15 material fee.