Covid-19 Camp Update

Summer 2021

As you know, our priority is always the health and safety of all guests. As such, we will be regularly updating this page to inform you of our practices and policies regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We have created a task force who collaborates on a daily basis and partners with local, state, national, and international agencies to remain informed and proactive as new information develops.

Please feel free to email us directly at with any other questions or concerns that you have at this time. Although, we may not have answers to them right now, we will continue to work on providing the most updated information to everyone.

All of us at Camp NAC wish good health and positive spirits for your family and everyone in our camp community. We look forward to your safe return!

Camp FAQ

Welcome Parents & Guardians! We’re sure you have a ton of questions about Camp NAC & our summer program – please read through this page of top parent questions carefully. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give our camp office a call at 215-944-8860 and someone on our team will be happy to assist you.

Do you offer single days of camp?

We do! You’ll need a member of our camp team to assist you with this since it isn’t readily available through our camper application. Please give us a call to discuss available options at 215-944-8860.

My child has an allergy, is it safe to come to camp?

Of course it is! Camp NAC is a completely nut-free camp. When you fill out your camper application, you will be asked to note any allergies your camper has. This information is included on all counselors attendance sheets so they’re aware right away of any allergies. We also have a full-time nurse on staff in the event of any allergic reactions during the camp day.

What is “NACster?”

NACster is the term we use to describe our variety camp. This camp is what typically comes to mind when you think of a traditional summer day camp. Campers are divided into groups based on age and participate in a wide variety of activities, games, sports, arts & crafts and more throughout the day. Learn more about Camp NACster here.

What is a Specialty Camps?

Specialty camps are completely different and separate from our variety camp NACster. Specialty camps have weekly themes that all activities are related to. Examples include cooking camps, arts camps, sports camps, etc. Learn more about specialty camps here.

What should my camper bring with them every day?

It depends on what type of camp your camper is enrolled in. Full day campers will need to bring a nut-free snack, water bottle, bathing suit, sunscreen and a lunch if they’re not enrolled in our lunch program (link to lunch program page). Half day campers will need to bring a nut-free snack, water bottle, change of clothes, sunscreen and a bathing suit on Fridays. Towels are complimentary & provided by the Escape Resort. Make sure to label all your campers belongings!

What’s on the Camper Checklist?

  • Water Bottle (with name on it)
  • Sunscreen (preferably spray with name on it)
  • Sneakers or shoes your child can actively play in
  • Bathing Suit (check your camp’s description to see if camp/when camp swims)
    • Full Day Campers: One hour of recreational swim each day
    • Specialty 3-5 Year Campers: Please check camp description
    • Mid Day Care: Campers swim Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Lunch/snack(s) (NO NUT PRODUCTS)

How does swimming work during camp? 

All full day campers will participate in recreational swim for an hour each day. Half day specialty camp campers enrolled in Mid-Day Care will swim for an hour on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.
A swim test will be given every Monday to test their swimming capabilities, campers can choose to take the test or not. Campers that have not passed the test or do not want to take the test will wear a swimbelt for their safety. Swim time will be guarded by the NAC’s American Red Cross certified lifeguards as well as supervised by Camp NAC counselors.
Campers that are enrolled in multiple weeks will still have to take the swim test every Monday.

How does drop off & pick up work?


For the normal camp day, drop-off begins at 8:45AM. Parents will pull up to the side of the NAC Sports Training Center (NSTC) to one of our four drop-off zones. A Camp NAC staff member will help your camper out of the car and escort them into the building where they will be seated with their group. If you plan to drop-off at any time other than 8:45-9:15AM, you can park at the main entrance and walk your camper in to the front desk, where a staff member will escort your child to their group. If you plan to drop-off earlier than 8:45AM, you will be charged for Before Care.


Check out times will vary based on your camp selection (see below). During your camper application, you will set a pick-up password to be used during pick-up. Your child will only be released if the pick-up password is given, so only share it with adults who you trust to pick up your child. Check-out works the same as check-in during normal pick-up time (2:45-3:15PM); you will pull around to the side entrance and your child will be escorted to your car by a staff member after pick-up password verification. If you plan to pick-up earlier than 2:45PM, you will need to visit the main office in the NSTC. If you plan to pick-up later than 3:15PM you will be charged for After Care.

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