Number 5 – Inventors Science Camp

At number 5 on our countdown of top 10 things that happened at Camp NAC this summer is Inventors Workshop!  One of the big inventions campers created was their egg drop containers. Campers had to brainstorm ways that would prevent an egg from breaking if it was dropped one story high. After they thought up the idea they created their inventions from recycled materials. Campers used paper, egg cartons, plastic bags, paper towels, and shoe boxes to create their ultimate machine. Even the counselors competed in the egg drop and made their own inventions. sciecne camp 2 science camp 1If your camper had an awesome week at Inventors Workshop, make sure to check out the same camp we have during School’s Out Camp so they can invent something amazing! Sign up now at the NAC program desk or call  (215)-968-0600 ext. 112