Camp NAC Fall Sleepover Recap

On Friday, October 14, campers joined Camp NAC for a night of fall fun at its annual fall sleepover. Camp NAC offers youth camps in Bucks County throughout the summer for campers of all ages. To keep campers connected year-round, Camp NAC offers a variety of programming throughout the school year, including sleepovers and School’s Out Camps.
Campers ages 5-12 were invited to spend a night with their favorite summer friends and counselors from the best camp in Bucks County. At the sleepover, campers participated in tons of fun, fall-themed activities, including pumpkin painting and swimming in the indoor pool. In addition, campers played fun games and told funny and spooky stories before bedtime.
During the summer, Camp NAC offers multiple sleepovers that are optional for campers to participate in, but there is always a great response because of how much fun they are. Campers love spending the night at camp, enjoying the friendships they have made.
Sleepovers and other additional camp-sponsored events are a great way for campers to keep in touch with their friends throughout the school year. Camp NAC is just one of many different youth camps in Bucks County, but the extra events help campers stay connected and having fun throughout the year.