Meet Our Leaders In Training

Camp NAC offers a great Leaders In Training program with the goal of teaching teens the skills they need to become confident leaders.
The purpose is to promote important leadership and life skills to young adults who have a genuine interest in working with kids, all while learning how to be a role model and leader in our community.

Meet Aidan Moxham and Ryan Nealis:
Two of Camp NAC’s Leaders In Training

One of the many great LIT’s we have this summer is Aidan Moxham. Aidan is currently in 8th grade and has been in the LIT program for two years. What he loves most about working as an LIT is the opportunity to get to work with kids each and everyday, while helping out the counselors. So far, he has worked with a variety of ages and has truly learned a lot. His favorite part about coming to camp everyday is getting to meet a ton of different people and seeing all of the friends he has made. Aidan hopes working as an LIT will give him the confidence and leadership skills he will need to become a counselor and when going to high school!

Additionally, Aidan enjoys anything sports related! He has played basketball for the last three years where he has met some of his best friends. His other hobbies include video games, hanging out with his friends and going swimming! We love having Aidan at Camp NAC!

Similar to Aidan, another one of our LIT’s is Ryan Nealis. Ryan is in 10th grade and has been in the LIT program for the last three years. His favorite part about working as an LIT is getting the chance to help out with all of the kids, playing games and swimming. He hopes working as an LIT will give him the skills needed to become a strong leader along with the knowledge to eventually become a counselor.

Ryan hopes to use the skills he gains as a Leader In Training towards something sports related in his future. He enjoys getting the chance to work with others on a daily basis, loves playing baseball and spending time with his friends. We love having Ryan at Camp NAC each day!

If you are interested in being apart of our Leaders In Training program here at Camp NAC, we would love to have you! This program provides campers with the tools they need to become a strong leader. Each week, they practice different leadership and life skills to help them continue in their future along with practicing being a positive role model for our younger campers and our surrounding community.

For more information, visit our website or call 215-944-8860.