Ari Passes His Swim Test!!

Ari officially passed his swim test on Monday, June 11th, 2018! Ari has been a camper at Camp NAC for three summers and has been apart of the “Aqua Fun Runs Schools Out Camp” and the “Splash and Sport” camps! Ari passing his swim test was a great way to start the summer and was a lovely memory for all camp staff because it was a goal that he had been trying to reach during his time as a Camp NAC camper. When he passed yesterday, he ran over to all of his counselors with a smile from ear-to-ear! Miss Amanda also let him pick out of the prize bin in honor of this huge accomplishment!
We know Ari will continue to enjoy Camp and strive at all of the different camps that he is enrolled in.
We would love to see many of our campers continue to grow and pass their swim tests – be sure to enroll at and hit the register button in the top left corner! Swim lessons and swim-based camps are filling fast!