Campers Becoming Leaders – LITs

Here at Camp NAC, we are proud to offer our Leaders In Training (LIT) program. This program is designed to engage our teen campers and prepare them for becoming a counselor one day. Our LITs get to spend their mornings playing and leading games with our campers and at the end of the week – they get to teach the campers a game that they have come up with!
We are lucky to not only have this program, but to watch some of our tiny campers grow to be counselors. This summer, we have two junior counselors who were LITs last summer. Spencer and Ryan have grown up through summers at Camp NAC and learning from counselors who are now their co-workers. This morning we got to talk to Mr. Spencer about how much Camp NAC has changed his life.
Spencer told us that being an LIT prepared him for being a counselor by getting to experience a day as a counselor. He has learned more about responsibility and most importantly, he has learned the proper way to engage kids in fun while being as active as possible!
He told us about how much he loves getting to work with our campers in a counselor to camper setting because he gets to spend the entire day teaching them and playing games with them! The LIT program and now being a junior counselor are Spencer’s first work experiences and he says he could not pick a better first job!
Spencer is learning the necessary leadership skills for the rest of his life and he is glad that he is working a job that gets you out of your comfort zone and gets you involved and engaged. Spencer is able to take the skills he learns from being at Camp NAC and apply them to the rest of his life, such as sports and school.