As a young camper or adult counselor, we are all prone to learning, and growing as individuals in new environments. Here at Camp NAC, we venture to help children explore new interests, build relationships and increase mental stimulation. We do so by switching up the environment in which the campers both learn and play.

“Camp NAC, located at the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC) in Newtown, Bucks County, PA., offers camp for children ages 3 to 15 throughout the summer months. Since 2007 , Camp NAC has provided a summer camp program for children that extends beyond the traditional summer day. At Camp NAC, campers choose their camp of interest and explore multiple environments throughout their day.”

It has been known that childhood experience influences brain development. Each year, new research supports the physical, emotional and intellectual benefits of new, safe & welcoming environments for children. According to Rebecca Isbell, Ed.D., “Young children respond differently, based on the design of the environment in which they live or play. An effectively designed classroom has the potential for positively influencing all areas of children’s development: physical, social /emotional, and cognitive. Language and learning are nurtured in an environment that values and plans appropriate opportunities.”

At Camp NAC, campers face new experiences every day in our world-class facility. With a variety of specialty camps, activities, & opportunities placed in different locations along campus, their young minds are open to new ideas. We believe it’s important to place campers in a environment that broadens their awareness and stimulates creative thinking. It’s similar to the strategic reasons a school would take their students a class on a field trip.The same concept, but for summer camp.

Campers begin their day at our club’s 40,000 sq ft. fully turfed facility. This space is the considered the largest indoor air conditioned facility and outdoor space in Bucks County! Throughout the day, campers are on-the-go and moving around to different locations for an assortment of fun activities. On campus, they could spend portions of their day on the playground, outdoor or indoor basketball court or track, at the club’s exclusive 4-acre outdoor water park or in the 32,000 square foot youth plex.

The outdoor water park is one of the campers favorite place to spend hours of their camp day. At the water park they can practice their swimming skills, while have a blast with friends. There are two 25 ft. water slides, a lazy river, zero entry pool, and splash pad. The campers have full range to explore the water wonderland and engage in new activities that may interest them.

The youth plex is another camper-favorite. This large indoor play place has a gymnasium with a gymnastic floor & beams, multiple youth studio classrooms, group exercise equipment, and a full kitchen!

On your average camp day in the summer, campers utilize these unique spaces to play, build, design, cook, swim, climb, play & build relationships with like-minded peers.

In Adventure Artist Camp for ages 3-5, they get inspired by the great outdoors! Campers spend their week outside, using the world around them to inspire their artistic creations.They will splash around in the outdoor pool complex, create amazing watercolor art projects and explore the 25-acre campus to influence their drawings.

In International Culinary Camp, they will “travel” the world learning about and cooking different international culinary delights. Each day, campers will explore a different country and create a dish from that specific culture. A week full of games, exploration & cooking in the NAC’s kitchen!

In Marvel Madness Camp, they will create their own comic, science experiments, learn special martial arts moves and life training skills. In this STEM-based (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) camp, a variety of environments contribute to improving their problem solving skills and critical thinking.

“At Camp NAC, it’s all about experience, and we want to give the hundreds of children and families that attend camp each year the best summer experience they could have. We keep children engaged by using every area of our campus to keep campers minds engaged, active,  and stimulated. We truly believe that this helps prevent summer learning loss.” -Amanda Brown, Camp NAC & Youth Programs Director

As progressive innovators in camp curriculums, each year we make it our mission to stand out in their community as having some of the best speciality camps around. Some of our new camps this year include Lil Basketball, Intro to Softball, Football Academy, Broadway Theater, Marvel Madness, Minecraft, Cardboard Creations, Krazy K’nex, Slime Mania, Broadcasting, Techno Kids & more!

Here at Camp NAC, we want campers to leave the summer feeling like they discovered more about their interests and themselves. We encourage campers to feel confident in multiple environments with new groups of people they can also learn & grow with.

Change up your summer vacation by joining us at here at Camp NAC! To learn more about our curriculum and camp themes, click here to view our brochure or fill out the form below!

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