Summer Learning Loss… Fiction or Fact?

Before we take an in depth look into if summer learning loss is fact or fiction, its important to understand what it is. Summer learning loss also know as “summer setback “or “summer slide” is defined as the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of long school holidays as well as during summer vacation.
After extensive research is has become apparent that summer learning loss is a real thing that is negatively impacting children across America. According to David M. Quinn and Morgan Polikoff, both who are professors of the University of Southern California state, ” On average, students’ achievement scores declined over summer vacation by one month’s worth of school-year learning, declines were sharper for math than for reading, and the extent of loss was larger at higher grade levels.” This statistic should be concerning to all parents. After a data sample of 500,000 students was tested, data showed an average of 25-30 percent of a student’s school year learning was lost over the summer. More than a quarter of what your child has learned throughout the school year will have to be retaught the following year or they unfortunately will start the school year behind. You may be thinking, how can I combat this? The great thing is there are many ways a parent can help to end this problem.
Researchers suggest that major changes are needed throughout schools. These changes being longer school days or shorter vacations. However, as a a parent we can’t control this. After school programs are great, but what about during the summer? This is where summer camps come in. Summer camps are a great way to not add your child to the summer learning loss statistic.
That is why here at Camp NAC we design our camps to be fun, but educational as well. The addition of STEM camps allow the students to learn about dinosaurs, space exploration, and animal behavior. The children are encouraged to explore, interact and work with kids their age. Enrolling you child in a summer camp allows you as a parent to rest easy knowing you are taking the steps in the right direction to put our child on the path of success.
For more information on our awesome summer camp or to enroll in an upcoming School’s Out Camp please email or call 215-968-0600 X109
*2020 Summer Camp Brochure released in November!*
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