Importance of Wellness for Kids

In today’s society, self-care is increasingly becoming predominant for children, as it is for adults in their everyday life. Teaching children the importance of self-care and the inner recognition of oneself can improve their overall mental health and wellbeing. From day-to-day stress and anxiety, children are learning ways to deal with this in their own way – but finding healthy ways to deal with things is important now, more than ever. 

This coming summer at Camp NAC, we will not only be having an on-site nurse, but will also now have a Support Counselor. Our Support Counselor will be working with campers to help them make the best camp and personal decisions. The Support Counselor will meet privately with campers to discuss all factors that could be impacting their camp experience and offering assistance on difficult topics, such as conflict resolution, stress management, and social interaction skills.

We will also be incorporating wellness to our cooking and art camps by adding yoga and mindfulness into our weekly curriculum.

Below are 5 additional approaches currently offered at Camp NAC to establish a positive environment:

  1. Movement – physical activity is incorporated into each curriculum daily
  2. Outdoor activities – one hour of recreational swim time each day
  3. Like-minded individuals – by offering over 75 themed camps, children are more inclined to find the appropriate social groups that will help them feel relatable to other children and increase their sense of companionship
  4. Yoga & meditation – integrated weekly in our cooking and art camps
  5. Unplugged from technology – limited to no screen time during camp hours 

All of these initiatives are under the umbrella of wellness – and it is our mission to keep all children in a positive physical, mental and emotional state of mind.

We have also created a Kids Wellness Series through our Kids Fitness programming. The new program begins March 29th and runs for 6-weeks until May 3rd. Our motto is Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. The series will include weekly themes, such as physical fitness, aerial yoga, meditation, nutrition, plus a special visit to The Club’s brand-new wellness facility, The Well Lounge! At the end of the 6-weeks, participants will receive a special award and a bundle of  giveaways that will help them continue their wellness journey at home. 

Click here for more information on our Kids Wellness Series. 

Through our unique wellness program, children will learn independence, while developing important social skills – including, self-confidence, self-esteem and creativity. We will also encourage them to evolve in their own unique way and provide each one the opportunity to truly express themselves in a comfortable, safe setting.


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