Full-Day Specialty Camps

We offer tons of full day themed camp options to choose from for children ages 6-12.

Specialty camps are for campers who love to use their imaginations. Themes range from science and sports camps to cooking camps and the arts! Based upon specific interests, campers can choose between leisure sports, competitive sports, cooking, the arts & STEAM based camps. Creative campers will have a ball spending the week immersed in their own unique interests with like-minded peers.

Leisure and Competitive Sports

Leisure and competitive sports are designed for campers ages 6-12 of all skill levels. If your camper loves to be active and spend time outdoors, our sports camps are a great fit.

Leisure sports camps are structured like a physical education class, designed to create a fun environment and keep campers active. These camps are great for campers who like to try a variety of sports and are focused on fun. 

Competitive sports camps are focused on skill-building and provide specific training for athletes. Our instructors take a hands-on approach to help improve campers’ skills and work on form. These camps are best for campers who are more serious about sports and are looking to learn new skills. 

Cooking Camps

Grab your apron and get ready to create a culinary masterpiece! In addition to getting hands-on cooking time, campers will learn all about nutrition, food safety, the science of cooking and mindfulness through meditation and yoga. We’ll keep campers active by playing games and activities themed around everyone’s favorite topic-FOOD!

Creative Arts

These stress-free camps will allow campers to unleash their inner artist abilities through creating beautiful pieces of art, mindfulness and yoga. Gain the ability to express your individuality and creativity all in one. Feel the good vibes and be your own unique.


Our popular STEAM camps combine the main principles of the STEAM method: science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Campers will utilize their problem-solving skills and critical thinking while participating in exciting activities. Solve puzzles, conduct crazy experiments, or even create a new invention- your imagination is the limit.