Camp NAC Makes a Lasting Impact on Local Family

While summer may only last three months of the year, Camp NAC works hard to maintain the feeling of community strong throughout the entire year. The Dwyers are one family that can attest to Camp NAC’s dedication to creating lifelong memories and special bonds for their campers. Camp NAC makes a lasting impact on many families, and the Dwyers are just one great example!
 After moving to the area from New Hampshire, Nicole and Rob Dwyer were looking for a place to help their family integrate into a community that they knew nothing about. The first major step for the parents of two was finding a summer camp for their kids, Maddie and Tommy, where they could be reassured their children were both safe and having fun. Camp NAC was the perfect fit for their family.
 “I had looked at a bunch of other camps and I just felt comfortable and like there was a sense of security here,” explained Nicole. “You know, there’s plenty of other camps we could have picked from but I thought this was the best for us and our family and the kids.”
Camp NAC’s flexibility, staff and variety of options were the main aspects that had an influence on the Dwyer’s decision to enroll their kids for Summer 2014. Nicole loved that the staff seemed really caring and genuinely interested in the personal experience of each and every camper. Another major factor was the ability to customize each week of camp, mixing the more traditional variety camp Camp NACster with other weekly specialty camps.
“One of my favorite things from last summer was going down the waterslides by myself,” said Maddie, aged 6. Maddie was able to work with lifeguards throughout the summer to pass her swim test and not have to wear a lifejacket.
Tommy loved baseball camp and Sports of All Sorts specialty camp, where he could be active and having fun all day. One of his favorite memories from last summer was catching a foul ball during a field trip to a Trenton Thunder game with Camp NAC.
“The Dwyers are just one family out of thousands in the community that the NAC positively impacts,” explained Camp Director Amanda Brown. “I work really hard to train my staff to ensure they know how to properly integrate campers into a new setting and ensure that life long friendships are established. When our owner, Jim Worthington, created the NAC this was his vision and it is great to see that a family is using the club to its full advantage. Campers should remember Camp NAC, the staff, and the memories they create here as a major part of their childhood.”