Fun Camp Games to Play at Home

While you count down the hours until the next day of Camp NAC at night, you don’t need to wait for exciting and active camp games! Here at camp, we have hundreds of fun games that we play daily, so we want to share your camper’s favorites with you. Whether your camper needs a way to stay busy on a rainy indoor day or wants to share their camp games with a group of friends, there are so many different ways to have fun! Read up on our top list of fun camp games to play at home.
1. Magic Carpet – Ask the group to stand on an 8′ x 8′ “magic carpet” (tarp or blanket). The entire group must have both feet on the tarp. Before you begin, tell the group that they are going on a magic carpet ride. In order to get them interested in the game, tell them that they have risen 100 feet in the air and are ready to go. Unfortunately, the instructions on how to steer and land the carpet are on the other side of the carpet. So, they must flip the carpet over while standing on it. This game is very fun and a Camp NAC favorite!
2. Maze Challenge – Do you have an empty hallway and some leftover streamers? Take turns taping various pieces of streamers on both walls down the hallway. Make sure you are challenging yourselves by taping streamers in various ways: high, low, diagonally, etc. Once the hallway is covered, you can walk through your new, DIY maze, but don’t let your body hit the streamers! Send pictures of your homemade maze to our Camp NAC Facebook Page.
3. Up-cycle Crafting – Crafts are the perfect way to keep your camper having fun at home, even on a rainy day! At Camp NAC, our campers learn how to make cool creations from simple everyday objects. Revamp a simple paper cup into a fire-breathing dragon with some streamers and googly-eyes or have your camper transform into a robot by decorating a few cardboard boxes. No matter what interests your camper has, there is a craft they can create from anything with just a little bit of imagination!

We hope you enjoy these games at home as much as you do at Camp!