Camp Catch Up: Week 7

Make sure to check out our weekly Camp Catch Up every Friday to see what super fun activities took place during that week of Camp NAC!
Week 7 included tons of awesome games and activities! A couple of highlights from this week include a field trip to the Aquarium, a giant slip n slide, making magnetic putty and oobleck, and a fashion show! Check out what other activities took place this week:
Half Day Specialty
Our half day specialty camps this week were Land Before NAC and Mini Project Runway!
Mini Project Runway spent the week practicing strutting their stuff! They also put on a fashion show, made hair clips and pasta necklaces, and played model freeze dance!
Land Before NAC spent the week learning about dinosaurs and playing prehistoric dinosaur activities! They made fossil cookies, had a dinosaur parade, and completed a frozen dinosaur excavation!
Full Day Specialty
Our full day specialty camps this week included Cinderella Warrior, Mad Scientist, and Water Palooza!
Cinderella Warrior Camp got whipped into shape this week! They spent the week getting physically fit, and were instructed by multiple fitness instructors throughout the week!
Water Palooza got wet and wild this entire week! They spent their days outside doing all sorts of water-based activities! They played with water squirters, water balloons, and even went on a giant slip n slide to play slip n slide tug of war!
Mad Scientist campers spent their week conducting crazy experiments. They made some groovy lava lamps and learned all about different chemical reactions.
Teen Travel and CIT
CITs focused on working on their Job Skills this week. Teen Travel Camp went to the Aquarium and Ice Skating this week! They also had a water balloon battle and went on our awesome Aqua Fun Run!
On Monday, campers had Indiana Jones Adventure Day! Campers played the Indiana Jones game and did crafts based on Indiana Jones!
Tuesday was Mis-Match Day! Campers wore their funniest mis-matched clothing!
Wednesday’s field trip was to the Camden Aquarium! Campers got to see sharks, turtles, star fish, and even touched a sting ray!
On Thursday, our theme was Aqua Fun Run! All our campers got to race their friends on our awesome Aqua Fun Run in the pool!
Friday’s special activity was a Watermelon eating contest! Campers got to race against their friends to see who could finish a piece of watermelon first!
Visit the NACster Activity Calendar to see what Camp NAC has in store for the rest of the summer!
Camp Champs
Our Camp Champs for Week 7 were Isabella from Water Palooza Camp and Will from Camp NACster!
Isabella is our Camp NAC camper of the week because she is always listening and always willing to help out her other campers!  Her favorite part of camp is swimming and playing games with her friends!
Will is also our camper of the week because he is so nice to everyone and always has a smile on his face. He always brightens both his counselors and his fellow campers day, every day!
Counselor of the Week was Miss Colleen. Colleen is our counselor of the week because she is always going above and beyond to help her other counselors. Not to mention, her campers love her. She has done a great job this week and we’re so happy to have her on staff this year. Colleen is currently studying Environmental Science at University of Delaware.
Check out all the photos from Week 7 here! We hope all of our campers have a great weekend and are getting excited for next week!