6 Reasons Camp is Better than a Babysitter

Whether you are looking for someone to watch the kids while they are out of school for the summer or you just need a few hours of care, there are a variety of childcare options to fit your needs. Here at Camp NAC, we offer many things that the average summer camp cannot, making us one of the best camps in Bucks County. It helps to know that childcare programs can benefit your child and may promote positive development during a very vital time of their lives. Check out our list of reasons camp is better than a babysitter for your child!
1. Staying Active

Many times, when children are at home with a babysitter they are more likely to watch television or play video games all day. At Camp NAC, your camper has plenty of amazing opportunities to get active by playing all different kinds of games and activities. Campers will stay busy and burn off energy playing Gaga, dodgeball, relay races, swimming, and more! At the end of the day, a good night’s sleep is practically guaranteed for your busy camper.

2. Socializing with Peers

One major benefit of summer camp in comparison to a babysitter is that your camper will always be surrounded by others. This gives all campers an equal opportunity to socialize during the most important time of their development. Camp provides a setting for campers to learn to share, communicate, and grow as individuals. Through a variety of fun games and activities, campers have the opportunity to break out of their shell and foster new friendships.

3. Healthy Lunches

Most parents want to ensure that their children are receiving healthy, well-balanced meals while in the care of another. While it is not always possible to ensure a babysitter is providing your child with healthy choices, Camp NAC has got you covered. All of our campers who purchase our lunch program are offered a main dish with a side, fruit and beverage. Some of our lunch options include chicken patties, sandwiches, and peanut butter & jelly.

4. Learning Opportunities

Campers have many opportunities to grow and learn at camp that would not otherwise be presented to them by a babysitter. Camp NAC introduces campers to a variety of new activities. NACster campers participate in youth programs classes, such as Zumba, fitness, and gymnastics. Additionally, specialty camps introduce campers to new interests with themes including science, cooking, fashion design, acting, and more! No matter what your camper is interested in they will have the opportunity to explore and learn more. Finally, camp teaches children to become independent which is vital to their overall development.

5. Unforgettable Memories

Summer camp is a life-changing experience for campers of all ages. Days spent at camp during the summer and throughout the year in school’s out camps will give them memories that last forever. There is nothing better than a fun-filled week of exciting games, outdoor adventures and new challenges to create memories that will last a lifetime! It is impossible to create these same memories from a babysitter.

6. More Flexibility

One amazing thing about Camp NAC is that we provide parents with the ability to customize each week of camp. Whether you need one week of care or the entire summer, you have the flexibility to add weeks on at your leisure. With babysitters, you cannot always control when emergencies, vacations, and other scheduling conflicts come up. Summer camp is the most reliable place for campers and parents to depend on for care.

For these reasons and many more, Camp NAC is the perfect choice for parents when they need reliable care. In addition to our regular summer hours, Camp NAC is also there when school is out of session. Check out our School’s Out Camps during the year for reliable care when the kids have off from school! Click here for more information on School’s Out Camp!