What’s New at Camp NAC – Summer 2017

We may just be starting to enjoy the spring weather, but at Camp NAC we are ready to go for Summer 2017! Each year, we introduce brand new camps & programs to make your camper’s summer better, finding ways to make camp even more fun and stay one of the best camps in Bucks County. For Summer 2017, Camp NAC will be introducing a bunch of new camps and one new additional option! With so many new options for our campers to choose from, Summer 2017 is bound to be one to remember! Read on to see what’s new at Camp NAC for Summer 2017!
Half Day Specialty Camps:
Games Galore (Week 11): These little campers are in for a crazy fun week, full of every game imaginable! Get ready to play sports, run relays and compete in circle games! Campers will have a blast playing with friends in a non-competitive atmosphere.
Lil Scientists (Week 11): Grab your lab coat and step into our secret lab here at Camp NAC! This week at camp, little scientists will discover how the world around them works. Campers will spend each day conducting cool and crazy experiments, just like a real scientist!
Imagination Workshop (Week 12): Prepare to stretch your imagination to the limit during this week of camp. Campers will show off their creativity and originality through fun crafts, games and experiments. This week is your camper’s chance to fly outer space, walk with dinosaurs, sail the seas with pirates and more! Curious campers will love exploring everything their imagination has to offer.
Full Day Specialty Camps:
Harry Potter (Week 5): Enter the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry! Inspired by the famous books and movies, campers will experience what spending a week at Hogwarts would be like. On Monday, slip on the Sorting Hat and discover which of the four houses you’re destined to belong in. Campers will spend the week making their own wand, learning about magical creatures and even playing in a game of Quidditch!
Pokemon (Week 7): Poke-mania is here! Inspired by the popular Japanese card game and TV show, campers will be immersed in the fictional world throughout the week. Campers will use their imaginations to create their very own Pokemon character and design a new storyline! Throughout the week, campers search for special Pokemon cards hidden throughout the outdoor pool complex and NAC Sports Training Center to add their collection! This camp has a $10 material fee. Campers are not permitted to bring their Pokemon cards to camp during this week. Camp NAC is not responsible for any lost, stolen or traded cards.
Star Wars (Week 11): Join Camp NAC in a galaxy far, far away during this week of Star Wars camp! Campers will start the week as rookies, but as they succeed in various challenges they will complete their Jedi Training! Campers can expect to face a test of their ability to use the force, tackle a Star Wars themed obstacle course and even complete a few light saber battles. May the force be with you as you try to beat the challenges and become a Camp NAC certified Jedi!
Crazy Crafts (Week 12): Camp NAC is getting crazy during this week of creative artistic activities! Campers will be decked out in decorations from group and individual crafts created throughout the week. From beaded bracelets to painted birdhouses, campers will get crafty trying out some new techniques! Campers will also work together on big group project that will be displayed at the NAC Sports Training Center!
Additional Options: 
Parisi Speed School Training (3:00-4:30pm): If you are looking to get faster, stronger and build more self-confidence, then the Parisi Speed School is the nation’s number one choice to get you there. As the industry leader in performance enhancement, Parisi Speed School delivers a positive training experience for athletes of all abilities. Campers will be transported to and from the main NAC facility by an instructor for the one hour lesson. A maximum of 20 campers can enroll per week, sign up today!
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