2019 Summer Trends

Swimming, sports and long-lasting friendships are summer camp essentials that are always here to stay, but each year brings new & improved trends to keep up with our campers’ constantly changing interests. At Camp NAC, our leadership team works hard year-round dreaming up new innovative ideas, attending camp conferences and analyzing data to provide the best experience each & every summer. Here are just a few things Camp NAC offers that are on par with the latest trends in summer camp:


  • STEM Camps – In an effort to combat summer learning loss, many parents and campers alike are looking for educational-based camp programs. Camp NAC’s STEM camps allow campers to continuously develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills through fun, science-based activities. In new camps like Mine Craft and Cardboard Creations campers will use their imaginations to dream up their designs and then bring them to life using the STEM-based principles of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.
  • Nutrition & Healthy Living – Learning how to develop healthy habits is a trend that is here to stay. At Camp NAC, our Farm to Table cooking camp connects campers to the food they eat. Gardening and cooking with fresh fruits & vegetables teaches campers about the importance of eating whole foods to live a healthy life.
  • Technology-Based Camps – While traditionally camp is a great time to unplug and get active, at Camp NAC we combine the best of both worlds. New this summer is our Techno Kids camp, where campers will participate in technology-based activities like flying a drone, learning about programming and more. Campers in our new Broadcasting camp will create their own news station, creating a video to report on all the Camp NAC news.
  • Field Trips – Offering campers the opportunity to visit new & fun places during their camp day is something that parents and campers love about Camp NAC. Each summer, our camp team finds exciting new field trip options for NACster campers. Some top trips offered this summer are Paws Discovery Farm and the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.
  • Flexibility – A trend that is definitely here to stay for busy families is flexibility. Our Before Care & After Care programs are a must for working parents. Campers can start their day as early as 7:00am with Before Care and stay as late as 6:00pm in After Care. In addition Camp NAC’s new interest-based after-camp programs like Gymnastics Lessons, Parisi Speed School & Swim Lessons give campers the opportunity to build skills after camp.


If you are looking for the best camp in the area that keeps up with all the new and exciting trends, look no further. Camp NAC, rated “The #1 Camp in Bucks County,” has everything a both campers & parents want. Don’t miss out, our camps are filling fast! Click here to register now. 


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