Camp NAC Celebrates National Children’s Craft Day

March is National Craft Month and on March 14 we celebrate National Children’s Craft Day! Crafting is a great activity that allows children to develop creativity and use their imagination. Parents and children alike can enjoy the benefits of crafting, while also spending quality time together to create a new project. Child can learn many skills just from adding more arts and crafts into their daily routines.

  • Boosts Self-Esteem – Arts and crafts give children a sense of ownership over their projects and provides them with a sense of achievement once it’s complete. This ultimately builds up confidence and self-esteem.   
  • Develops Socialization Skills – Through crafts, children are able to learn and spend time with peers who have similar interests. This provides them with the social skills needed to build friendships and leadership. Also, parents who do crafts with their children strengthen their bond and relationships.
  • Encourages Self Expression – Another important skill children gain from participating in arts and craft is self-expression. Crafts provide an outlet for children to express their feelings and emotions. Learning to be yourself, in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else is imperative for young children.
  • Strengthens Motor Skills – Most arts and craft projects consist of moving hands and fingers. This builds strength in children’s hand, increasing control over specific movements and developing dexterity.

For these reasons & more, crafts are a great tool to develop many skills that children need to be successful in many different aspects of life. Camp NAC incorporates arts & crafts into many of our camp programs, but we also have specific camps themed for campers with specific interest in The Arts. Click here to learn more.

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