STEM learning helps children to get better at using the technology that powers the world, which is particularly useful for preparing them for their adult lives.

We at Camp NAC offer a variety of fun-filled camps that focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). This environment contributes to campers improving their problem solving skills and critical thinking.

Unlock your curiosity, spark your inner inventor, and create a love for the world of science and STEM with our hands on science experiments and STEM activities. Check out our favorite STEM camps this summer…


How fast can you escape? Get ready to create the first Camp NAC escape room. This week is all about challenges and team work. Campers will work together to solve clues, crack codes, and uncover problems in a timely manner. Then, campers will challenge each other and create their own escape room.


Calling all techno-kids! We need your brain power and creativity as we explore all types of technology and software creations. During this week, campers will be flying drones, putting together computers, and learning all about programming. Join us for a week full of fun and learning!


Get ready for a week full of exciting experimentation in this wacky science camp! Campers will learn the scientific method, then develop experiments to test their theories. Each young scientist will be able to conduct his or her own simple experiment. At the end of the week, show off your experiment at the camp science fair.


Let’s create our own world! Campers will spend their time designing their landscape, characters, objects and goals through drawings. Each level will become more detailed in their design as they go deeper into into their imagination. Children will experience how to problem solve with limitless opportunity to use their imaginations. No actual video games will be played.

Are you ready to explore the world through imagination and creativity? To learn more about our STEM camps, fill out the form below!