Summers can get pretty hectic. With the kids home from school, pool parties, family gatherings & more – it’s not always easy to make sure all your meals are planned & prepped ahead of time. That’s why we’re here to help!

We’ve gathered some of our favorite DIY lunches ideas that are easy for the kids to make while they are enjoying their summer vacation. Check them out:

Kids Lunches 1

Lunchmeat Kabobs 

  • The perfect meal with little prep time! A lunchmeat kabob is a sandwich without the bread & messy condiments. To make one of these yummy kabobs, you only need 3 ingredients: turkey or ham, cheese cubes & cherry tomatoes on a skinny popsicle stick! Some other kabob additions that might interest your child – grapes, lettuce, hard boiled egg, bacon & avocado.
Kids Lunches 2

Homemade Pizza Lunchables 

  • Similar to the lunchables you can buy in a store, but homemade! These easy-to-make cold pizzas include 1 piece of sandwich thin bread, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese & a couple slices of pepperoni! Some other pizza toppings you might find around the house – ham, pineapple, green peppers, black olives & more.

Banana Dog Bites

  • The perfect protein & potassium-filled alternative to a lunchmeat wrap – give our banana dog bites a try! Both easy & delicious… to make these little bites all you need is a wheat wrap, peanut butter & a pealed banana. Once the peanut butter is spread, roll up the banana into the wrap & cup into small size bites. Pro tip: make it PB&J style by adding in strawberries or jelly!

Cucumber Sushi

  • These kid friendly cucumber sushi rolls are a perfect sandwich-free lunch idea. To make them – slice cucumber into large 1 inch thick slices & hallow out center of cucumber using a melon baller. Leave about ½ inch of cucumber from the edges. Stuff cucumber with small rolls of ham, cheese and carrots until center is filled. Refrigerated leftovers in tightly sealed container.

PB&J Waffle Sandwich

  • The perfect combo of breakfast & lunch – this peanut butter & jelly waffle sandwich is a must try for kids! All you need is frozen waffles to pop in the toaster, peanut butter & jelly! As simple as making a sandwich, just use waffles instead of bread. Pro tip: add strawberries, blueberries, bananas or chocolate chips to your waffle sandwich for extra taste. Yum!

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