3 Benefits of Playing with Sidewalk Calk

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3 Benefits of Playing with Sidewalk Calk

1 – Enhances Academic Knowledge:

While playing with sidewalk chalk, kids develop color recognition, sorting and matching skills. The chalk can also be used to teach children shapes, numbers and letters.

Try having your child copy the letters or even trace their bodies and help them label each part such as their head, foot, hand, arm, and leg.

2 – Improves Fine Motor Skills:

Playing with sidewalk chalk can be one of your child’s first experiences with coloring and writing. It helps them learn the appropriate pencil grip as well as develop fine motor control and manipulation.

Encourage younger children to learn to write their name, while older kids can make elaborate designs such as race tracks and treasure maps.

3 – Encourages a Love of Art:

The world of art offers so many amazing benefits for children. By allowing them to color and create their own designs with sidewalk chalk, they begin to express themselves in their own creative way.

Want to try something new? Have you heard of glitter and Tie Dye sidewalk chalk?! The glitter chalk is beautiful when it sparkles in the sunlight and see for yourself how cool the colors look with tie dye chalk.


Sidewalk chalk is an amazing learning tool that allows for hours of learning through play! Little do children know, that they are building important academic and motor skills while having fun.

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” – Henry David Thoreau

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