Why Summer Camp Matters Now More Than Ever

Due to recent unforeseen events, it is more important than ever for us to focus on the mental, physical and social well-being of children. The fear of uncertainty and isolation may feel temporary for adults, but for young minds, this feeling can be daunting. To avoid the decline of happiness in our youth, the camp community nationwide is pulling together to assist parents in making this time a positive experience for children. 

As summer quickly approaches and we all aspire to gain parts of our “normal” life back, a safe, social atmosphere will be essential in helping some children find their footing again. Summer camp matters now more than ever, because it provides children with structured, extracurricular activities where they are engaged with friends and have emotional support. 

In times of uncertainty, a positive summer camp experience could be what your child needs to rebuild confidence and connect with their peers. Learn why camp matters:

Camp Helps Us Regain a Sense of Normalcy

  • Gives us a break from the news – Many of us are overwhelmed with the negative headlines surrounding the global pandemic. Things are constantly changing and kids have questions about how they will be impacted. This summer, camps can provide a break from the stream of information and an opportunity for mental and emotional restoration.
  • Help support reopening the economy –As we look ahead to re-opening the economy, and sending adults back to work, it’s undeniable that camps will be a strategic vehicle in this process. Families need to feel confident that their kids are in physically and emotionally safe places – which camps are preparing to provide with an emphasis on camper health and safety – so that they can return to their regular schedules feeling confident that their children are being looked after.”
  • Provides routine & structure –Even first-time campers will benefit from being surrounded by peers, adapting to a daily routine, and having their days filled with productive and fun activities. The social distancing orders created long stretches of unfilled time, leaving children hungry for creative and intellectually stimulating activities – a void that camp is exceptionally well-prepared to fill.”

Camp is a Safe Space to Heal

  • Connect with others and unpack your experiences – We’ve already seen a number of conversations on camp forums about ways to make sure that campers feel safe in dealing with the new trauma induced by the pandemic. This season, camp staff and directors are prepared to help campers process these distressing emotions. As camps bring together so many young people with diverse experiences, they’ll be able to help everyone connect and unpack their experiences.
  • Shine some light on the positive things ahead – New experiences, friendships & memories are ahead. Each day, camp will help remind children that everything will be okay and there are many more happy moments ahead.
  • Rebuild confidence and assurance – When a child believes in their ability to accomplish new goals and projects they will be able to take on the next new project without fear and intimidation. Tackling new projects at camp will help build confidence and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Camp Fosters Personal Connections

  • Build & regain important social skills – With school’s closing, kids are feeling a sense of isolation, because they are used to being around their peers everyday. To be happy, successful adults, children need certain social skills to develop positive relationships with others. Camp can help provide that.
  • Reconnect with friends & mentors –If camp is prepared to do anything this summer, it’s to reconnect people with their friends and mentors – and this includes campers, staff members, and leaders.”

Camp Makes a Positive Impact

  • Creates new memories & relationships – Video calls can’t replace the feeling of connecting face-to-face with someone. Through shared experiences in an unforgettable setting, connections made at camp can create positive memories for years to come. 
  • Builds resilience and determination – However different this summer may be, running camp, while adjusting to the new reality, will be a challenge for camp directors. This lesson in resilience and determination will trickle down from staff to campers – and in turn, teach one how to adapt to the unexpected. We’re all in this together!

This summer, camps will provide a service to the campers and to society at large. Camp is always important, but this summer we think it’s more essential than ever.

To learn more about the camp experience at Camp NAC, contact info@campnac.com.

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