Top 10 Moments of Summer 2020

Summer 2020 has been one of the craziest, unique, and rewarding summers in Camp NAC history. Very few of us have ever experienced these types of circumstances. Our goal has always been to provide a safe environment that allows every camper and staff member to #BeTheirUnique.

We are so sad to see this summer come to an end, but are looking forward to a fun School’s Out Camp season.

Check out some of our favorite memories from this summer!

  1. COLOR GAMES: This is hands down one of the most popular weeks of Camp NACster. All week long, campers and counselors participated in fun, Blue vs. Red competitions to see which team would be the big winner. Points were added up throughout the week and on Friday was the big reveal of the Color Games winner. This years counselor dance competition winner was Team Red, and the overall Color Games winner was Team Blue!
  2. Jr. Golfers: These skilled athletes went to Snipes Golf course throughout the week, reviewed golfing technics at the NAC’s In Club Golf Studio, and earned coins throughout the week for their skills to ultimately pick out prizes on their last day of golf camp. It was TEErific!
  3. Camp Sleepovers: Our summer sleepovers are always a favorite with our campers – this year especially! Campers enjoyed their night at the NAC outdoor pool complex both sleepovers and played fun games and activities all night long. This years themes were Glow in the Dark and Hawaiian!
  4. Meditative Art: This new camp was a complete hit this summer. During this week campers practiced wellness including meditation, art projects and yoga in the NAC’s newly renovated yoga studio called the Practice.
  5. Petting Zoo: We loved having this opportunity to expose children to the animals and let them have fun. The children were able to pet all the animals and feed them by hand as well. To a small child who has never seen these creatures before this is fun, new and exciting all at the same time.
  6. Halloween in July: As children arrived to camp this day they were greeted by real life Superheros during the check-in car line. Children and our counselors dressed up in their favorite costumes and participated in fun Halloween related games. This fun day was SPOOK-tacular!
  7. A Day in Wizard School: During this day of Camp NACster – campers stepped into the Harry Potter universe and played an exciting camp of quidditch. Quidditch is a game played by wizards and witches. Each team consists of seven players, each flying on a broomstick. Players attempt to throw soccer-ball-size balls, called quaffles, through three large hoop goals at either end of the pitch; a goal is worth 10 points. Let the games begin!
  8. Broadway Theater (Mulan): Lights, camera, action! During this week, campers designed sets, costumes and practiced choreography for the live performance on Friday at the Newtown Discovery Preschool in their theater!
  9. Water Palooza: A week full of water activities and being outside – what’s not to love. Campers had fun going down the Slip N’ Slide, competing over water balloon tosses, and spending time in the outdoor water park!
  10. Swim Time: If you ask any camper – most of them all say their favorite part of camp is swimming. Full day campers get one hour of recreational swim each day in the NAC Outdoor Pool Resort. This time is spent playing with each other, hanging out in the lazy river, zero-entry pool, splash pad or riding down the water slides! Splish, splash, we had a blast!


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