Family Holiday Fun

Holiday season is quickly approaching, and we know that spending time with family is so important. Camp NAC and NAC Kids Fitness has teamed up this year to provide you with a list of our top ideas and fun events to spread holiday cheer and spend time with the entire family.

Holiday Brunch Featuring Santa Claus

Tis’ the season to be jolly! On Saturday, 12/12/20 – Your favorite holiday icon, Santa Claus, is coming to the NAC for a warm holiday breakfast and additional family fun. It’s a holiday event for kids of all ages and the whole family! Family photos, letters to the North Pole, ornament craft, raffle prizes and more included!

Cost: Free for NAC Members l General Pubic $10 per child, $15 per adult

Reserve your spot by contacting or call 215-968-0600 x112.


Give the Gift of Camp

As the holiday season approaches many loved ones are faced with the difficult decision on what gifts they should buy.  While everyone is out fighting the crowds and waiting in lines to deliver the best presents for the people they love, this year parents should consider a different idea. Instead of buying material items, how about buying them an experience they will never forget. An experience that will allow your child to be free, create long lasting friendships and even make memories that he/she will remember long into their old age.

This experience is summer camp. Camp is beneficial for all ages. Summer camp is a unique venue for growth, allowing kids to become independent and self-confident, while learning meaningful life skills, and even building their self-esteem. At Camp NAC, there are numerous options to choose from, ranging from sports and STEAM camps to dance and cheer camps. Make this holiday season the best one yet by providing your loved one with the gift of an experience.

The Camp NAC Summer 2021 application will be available on January 1, 2021. Until then, you can purchase a Camp Gift Card and apply it to your loved ones Camp NAC account. Keep a look out for the Camp NAC Summer 2021 *digital brochure* coming early December, with new and trendy camp themes!


School’s Out Camp

When school is out, Camp NAC is in!  We are offering several School’s Out Camps the month of November and December! Find the full list of School’s Out Camps here:

Join us as we enjoy a day of fun games and activities while staying active. Campers will get to enjoy activities based around the camp theme that they chose and enjoy an hour of recreational swim in our indoor pool!


Fun Games to Get Active Before Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means football, family and food to the majority of people. If you’re looking to add in an extra f-word to your Turkey Day, fitness is something that can be fun for the whole family! The kids will have a blast getting active before dinner is served and parents will be happy to burn off some of the Thanksgiving feast. Check out these kid-friendly Thanksgiving day games and activities to get moving, suitable for the whole family!

  1. Flag Football Match: This one is a no-brainer; nothing goes together better than Thanksgiving and football. Get the whole family together, divide up into teams, and let the games begin. The winning team gets the first slices of pie after dinner!
  2. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt: This one takes a little bit of preparation before the big day. Hide toy-sized turkeys around your house or yard with clues attached. These can be anything from simple exercises (do five push-ups) to silly things (show off your best turkey dance). When they reach the end children will receive a special prize.
  3. Turkey Walk: This game is great for younger children. Play music and all the children dance around. The adult can encourage children to dance like various types of turkeys (BIG, small, happy, sad, crazy, etc.)
  4. Pumpkin Roll: This relay race game is harder than it sounds. Each player gets a pumpkin and a stick or broom. All players start in a line and they must race to use their stick to roll their pumpkin to the finish line. The first one with their pumpkin across wins!
  5. Thanksgiving Dance Session: Engage the brain through music and Tik Tok dances that are kid-friendly. The fun Tik Tok dance trends are actually a great way for kids to get moving and have fun indoors, and the best part is the whole family can get involved.
  6. Heads Up Kids: This is an exciting app you can download on your phone and play with your little ones, no matter their reading level. From animals to actions to items around the house – give a clue to help your teammates guess the picture that’s on their head before time runs out!

No matter what your plans are for Thanksgiving, there are tons of ways to stay active. Check out the NEW classes that were just added for the NAC Kids Fitness schedule, including Six Zone, Tik Tok Hip-Hop, HIIT & Kick, Kids Yoga and more!


Healthy Holiday Treats for Kids

The holiday season is known for gift-giving, time spent with loved ones, and many times—unhealthy eating. With an abundance of holiday parties and get-togethers centered around eating, it can be an overwhelming task to continue promoting healthy eating for both yourself and your kids. Check out these simple and healthy snacks that have all the holiday cheer and the kids will love!

  1. Frozen yogurt bark: Chocolate bark is a very popular holiday treat, but this yogurt bark cuts down on the added sugars and fats. Sweetened with all natural honey and bursting with both fresh and dried fruit, the kids won’t even know the difference! Recipe here:
  2. Christmas tree snack: The only thing better than decorating the tree is eating it! Arrange green beans or sugar snap peas into the shape of a Christmas tree. Have your children arrange minced peppers and carrots on top as ornaments and top it off with a cheddar cheese star. This healthy snack will bring out your holiday spirit and creativity.
  3. Fruit Candy Cane: This super simple treat is great for dessert. All you need is a sliced banana and strawberries. Arrange them into a candy cane shape, alternating the red strawberries and yellow banana slices.
  4. Yogurt-covered pretzels: Instead of the classic chocolate-covered version, dip mini pretzels in non-fat yogurt and refrigerate. You can sprinkle with cinnamon, cocoa powder, or colored sugar for a pretty, festive look.
  5. Snowman Sandwich: Slice whole wheat bread, white cheddar cheese, and meat of your choice with a round cookie cutter. Place an additional slice of cheese on top, then decorate with a carrot nose, cucumber cap, raisin eyes and mouth and a bell pepper scarf.

All of these snacks, and many others, can be created easily with the items in your pantry and a little bit of creativity. Use the time with your family this holiday to spend quality time together having fun with your food!


Happy Holidays From,

Camp NAC & NAC Kids Fitness

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