Growing Up as a Camp NAC Camper

At Camp NAC, our staff strives to create a community where both the campers and staff are able to feel like family. Every summer, many campers return to Camp NAC and continue to be a part of the camp community. One special camper who has spent his summers growing up as a Camp NAC camper is Spencer Berman.
Now 13 years old, Spencer has been a Camp NAC camper since he was just six years old. Over the past seven years at Camp NAC, he has made new friends, created many memories, and learned lifelong leadership skills. Some of Spencer’s favorite camps over the years include various sports camps, including Sports of All Sorts, basketball, and soccer camps, and the traditional variety camp, Camp NACster.
“Some of my favorite memories from Camp NAC are the field trips we get to take every Wednesday,” explained Spencer. “They are a lot of fun and you get to spend time with your friends.” Every Wednesday, campers enrolled in Camp NACster variety camp have the option to attend a fun field trip to different places such as the aquarium or Giggleberry Fair.
This past summer, Spencer decided to enroll in the CIT program at Camp NAC. After seeing how successful his past counselors were at supervising the campers and being able to have fun, Spencer wanted to take his own love for kids and learn those same skills. The CIT program allows campers ages 12-15 who are interested in developing skills to work with kids assisting a counselor for a portion of the day. When these campers aren’t shadowing and helping a counselor, their days are filled with fun group activities and swim time.
“I really like working with kids because I think it’s fun,” Spencer said about his experience in the CIT program. “It’s good to help teach the campers and I can help learn what it takes to be a counselor, which is something I would like to be able to do in the future.”
This upcoming summer, Spencer will be joining Camp NAC again in the CIT program. With his love for Camp NAC and helping children, there is no doubt that one day Spencer will make an amazing counselor!