What to do While Your Child is in Camp

Not only does summer camp provide a safe and fun environment for campers to grow and develop, it can also serve as a way for parents to enjoy some free time of their own. Camp NAC’s flexible schedule and additional before, after, and mid-day care options are perfect for busy parents who want a little extra time to relax. Check out our list of what to do while your child is in camp!

  1. Take a Group Fitness Class — After dropping your camper off for a day of fun, make some time for your own fun while also getting a workout. The NAC has over 200 group fitness classes per week, so find one that you love or give them all a try. Whether you want to learn some new dance moves in a ZUMBA class or de-stress with some yoga, you will be happy to know your camper is safe and sound.


  1. Relax by the Outdoor Pool Complex — Don’t let your camper be the only one who gets to enjoy the NAC’s outdoor resort style pool! While your camper splashes down the 25 foot water slides, you can sit back and soak up the sun by the adult pool. Head over to Escape Bar and Restaurant for a selection of lunch, dinner, appetizer and cocktail options to enjoy poolside!


  1. Unwind with a Massage — Urban Allure is a full service salon & spa located right in the Newtown Athletic Club. You can relax and be pampered while your camper is playing games. There are seven different types of massages to choose from so you can relax week after week.


  1. Try Out a Personal Trainer — Spend some time developing a personalized fitness plan for yourself with one of the NAC’s personal trainers. With your camper off having a great time with all their new camp friends, you will have the opportunity to focus on yourself and get the most out of a personal training session.

There are so many things at the Newtown Athletic Club that you can take advantage of while your camper is off making unforgettable memories at Camp NAC. You can also save even more time by enrolling online at www.CampNAC.com!