The Importance of Unplugging & Getting Active

As every parent knows, it is incredibly important to make sure your child gets outside and stays active. Whether that means playing a game of catch or simply just having them unplug from technology for a little and move around, there are endless ways to have fun and stay active. Here at Camp NAC, keeping our campers active is just as important to our staff as it is to you. Every single day, parents around Bucks County trust us to take care of their children and make sure that they enjoy themselves, and we can proudly say that our camp is an absolutely phone-free environment, for both counselors and campers.
As if that isn’t already a step in the right direction, our camp schedule is designed in a way to give campers a perfect balance of physical activity and social engagement. All throughout the day, when they aren’t crafting or eating lunch, campers are busy playing games or doing activities that help keep them constantly moving. Whether it’s Sports of all Sorts camp playing a fun game of soccer in the NAC Sports Training Center, NACster playing an exciting game of Gaga, Gymnastics camp learning new skills on the trampoline or even Whales Tales swimming and learning how to be safe by the pool, there are always a million-and-one ways our campers are staying active!
Here are 5 reasons that show the importance of unplugging and getting your kids active:
1.) Being active stimulates and is good for their young minds.
2.) Regular physical activity helps build and maintain strong, healthy muscles, bones and joints.
3.) Staying active greatly improves a child’s social and interpersonal skills.
4.) Physical activity greatly improves health and reduces the risk for chronic diseases.
5.) It’s FUN!
Join us at Camp NAC and spend your summer being active, making new friends, and getting healthier!