Why Every Child Should Go to Summer Camp!

Summer is a time for all children to spend time outdoors enjoying the weather, make new friends, and create unforgettable memories. Our campers here at Camp NAC in Bucks County do all of those things and much, much more! For our campers, every day is a new adventure and every summer our returning campers cannot wait to get back to seeing all of their favorite counselors and friends.
At Camp NAC, everything we do is with the goal in mind of “Making Summer Better”. There are so many ways that every child can benefit from becoming a camper and spending their summer at camp:
1. Campers stay physically active throughout the day.
2. Summer camp allows campers to try new things.
3. Campers have the opportunity to create new friendships at camp.
4. Specialty camps allow campers to build skills in their areas of interest.
5. It’s FUN!
There are endless reasons why every child should go to summer camp. Check out our video on why our own Camp NAC campers love camp and think that every child should get to go to summer camp!