Camp Catch Up: Week 5

Make sure to check out our weekly Camp Catch Up every Friday to see what fun-filled activities took place during that week of Camp NAC!
Week 5 included a whole bunch of awesome activities! A couple of highlights from this week include the Color Games themed Sleepover, Crazy Hat Day, a musical performance of The Wizard of Oz, and making delicious baked goods! Check out what other activities took place this week:
Half Day Specialty
Our half day specialty camps this week was Out and About!
These lucky campers got to spend their time outside in the summer sun all week long. This brand new camp had tons of exciting things for campers to do, including a sandcastle building competition, having a picnic outside, and even getting to swim in the outdoor pool complex! Not even the rain on Thursday could stop these half day campers from bringing the outdoors inside!
Full Day Specialty
Our full-day specialty camps this week included Musical Theater, Junior Chef, & Boys Rule!
Musical Theater Camp had a blast this week preparing for their big show on Friday afternoon! From picking parts and learning their lines to getting the set and costumes ready for their final performance, these campers learned what it takes to be a true star!
Junior Chef campers got to whip up and sample a variety of different culinary treats this week! From spicy walking tacos to sweet fruit popsicles, there was something for every campers individual taste. By the end of this week, these junior chefs definitely earned their chef hats!
Training for speed and agility with Parisi Speed School, improving accuracy with Nerf target practice, and building forts are just a few things that campers got to do in Boys Rule camp this week. This boys only camp had even the most active campers having a great week.
Teen Travel and CIT
Our CITs were extremely helpful this week, as they were each assigned to a different group of and campers and focused on the concept of babysitting. Each CIT got officially certified to babysit infants and children up to age 10. Teen Travel Camp enjoyed a bunch of fun activities including pool relays and a huge dodgeball competition. They also went to Glow in the Dark Mini Golf on Wednesday with Camp NACster and Go-Carting on Friday!
Our NACster campers enjoy a different theme each day of the week to participate in a variety of activities.
Monday was Kid’s Choice for our NACster campers. Each group got the opportunity to work together to choose which activity they wanted to participate in that morning!
On Tuesday, both campers and counselors donned their craziest caps to celebrate Crazy Hat Day! From fish-shaped hats and baseball caps to top hats and more, our campers had a fun time seeing everyone’s silly hats!
The field trip this Wednesday was glow in the dark Monster Mini Golf! Our campers went mini golfing in the morning and were back in time for swimming in the afternoon!
Thursday campers had a great time doing a variety of activities. After camp, some of our campers returned for the Camp NAC Color Games Sleepover! Campers who were signed up for the sleepover got to spend the night with their favorite friends and counselors competing in different challenges, games, and even got to go night swimming!
On Friday our campers got to play one of their favorite camp games: Gaga! The groups competed in Gaga tournaments in addition to swimming and their other activities. It was a great way to end the week!
Visit the NACster Activity Calendar to see what Camp NAC has in store for the rest of the summer!
Camp Champs
Our Camp Champs for Week 5 were Sydney from Junior Chef Camp and Zach from Camp NACster!
Zach is a lot of fun and loves spending time with other campers of all ages! He loved learning a bunch of new games at camp this week.
Sydney is a really great camper all around. She had so much fun this week learning how to make a variety of different foods and was great at guess which food the group was making each day!
Counselor of the Week was Ms. Kyla. Kyla is always going above and beyond what is expected of her! She is a full day specialty camp counselor and loves spending time with her campers!
Check out all the photos from Week 5 here! We hope all of our campers have a great weekend and are getting excited for next week’s Color Games in Camp NACster!