10 Questions to Ask Your Camper on the Car Ride Home

Here at Camp NAC, we try to communicate with parents about their campers day as much as possible through social media, e-mail, handouts, and fliers. To stay updated on what is going on at Camp NAC, follow us on Facebook (Facebook.com/CampNAC), Twitter (@Camp_NAC), and Instagram (@Camp_NAC). Also, check out our weekly newsletters, photo albums, and parents letters on our This Week at Camp… Page. However, we understand that we are not able to communicate every activity that every camper has done throughout the day. Our goal is to increase that communication so that our parents know exactly what their camper is doing throughout each day. To help parents learn more about their camper’s AWESOME day at Camp NAC, here are some questions to ask your camper on their ride home(some questions only apply to certain camps):

  1. What was your favorite activity that you did today?
  2. What was the special you did today? (Ex. Zumba, Tae Kwon Do, KidFit)
  3. Did you have fun on the field trip? What did you do? (Wednesday)
  4. Was the lunch choice that was offered today delicious? (If buying lunch)
  5. Did you have fun in Before or After Care, and what types of games did you play?
  6. How was swimming in the outdoor pool complex?
  7. Did you make some new friends today?
  8. Are you having fun with your counselor?
  9. Are you making progress in swim lessons? (If enrolled)
  10. What was the special activity/craft you did today? (Specialty Camps)

Checking Camp NAC’s updates on social media and asking your camper some of these questions should help you to know much more about what took place during your camper’s terrific day at Camp NAC! We hope your camper is beyond excited to tell you about their day when they get picked up!
We hope this helps our Camp NAC parents learn more about their campers day at camp!