Camp Catch Up: Week 9

Make sure to check out our weekly Camp Catch Up every Friday to see what awesome activities took place during that week of Camp NAC!
Week 9 was filled with a lot of fun activities. NACster campers took a trip to see the movie Minions and teen campers saw Jurassic World and went to SkyZone. Xtreme Warriors did their own version of a tough mudder, Act It Out campers put on their very own play and Lego City camp made their very own city!
Half Day Specialty
Our half day specialty camps this week were Superhero, Princess, and Whales Tales!
Superhero campers chose their own superpower, met Superman, and caught a villain on the loose!
Princess campers made their own princess wands, played pin the kiss on the frog, and even got to take a picture in the “magic mirror!”
Whales Tales spent the week playing all sorts of water activities and improving their swimming abilities!
Full Day Specialty
Our full day specialty camps this week were Act It Out, Lego City, and Xtreme Warrior.
Act It Out performed their very own play “Minions Ruin a Wedding.”
Lego City spent the week building their own Lego kit, which they get to take home with them! They also put their creations together to make one huge city of legos!
Xtreme Warrior did all sorts of intense obstacles and challenges this week. They even did their own version of a tough mudder!
Teen Travel and CIT
This week our CIT campers focused on communication skills! Teen Travel campers went to see the movie Jurassic World on Wednesday and went to SkyZone on Friday!
On Monday, NACster campers got to compete in their own version of capture the flag!
On Tuesday, they decorated their very own rocket ships to launch into space!
Wednesday they went to the movies to see the movie “Minions!”
On Thursday, our groups got to compete in a nuke em tournament!
Last but not least, Friday our NACster campers got to launch the rockets they made into space!
Camp Champs
Our Camp Champs for Week 9 are Rachel from Lego City and Tyler from NACster!
Tyler is in our NACster Variety Day Camp and he is always willing to help out his counselors. His favorite part about camp is hanging out with his friends, especially when they play Run the Bases.
Amanda is in Lego City camp and absolutely loves it! Her favorite part of this week was building a large Lego town. Amanda is always such a huge help to her counselors and is even nicer to the other campers.
Our Week 9 counselor of the week is Kirsten. She is one of our Lego City counselors and is always a great example for her campers. She always makes sure they are listening and having fun! She is currently a Biochemistry major at St. Andrews and we can’t wait to have her on staff again next year.
Check out the photo album from Week 9 here!