Camp Catch Up: Week 10

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Our Week 10 campers had another perfect week at Camp NAC! From the Wild West to Pirate Island, this week was quite an adventure for all of our campers! Read up on what fun activities each camp participated in this week:
Half Day Specialty
Our half day specialty camps this week were Pirate Island and Lil Gymnastics.
Campers enrolled in Pirate Island camp set sail for fun this week. These campers learned how to talk like a pirate, sent a message in a bottle, and even searched for buried treasure!
Lil Gymnastics campers spent their week working on their gymnastics skills. Campers got to practice on the beam, trampoline, and other gymnastics equipment.
Full Day Specialty
Our full day specialty camps this week were Aqua Art, Junior Chef, Phabulous Physics, and Backyard Sports
Campers in Aqua Art got wet and wild this week at camp! These campers participated in fun water activities like a water balloon toss, creating their own lava lamps, and water balloon dodgeball.
Junior Chef campers spent the week cooking up some delicious treats. From chicken nuggets and mac & cheese to yummy fried oreos, these campers learned a lot of new skills in the kitchen.
Phabulous Physics camp was full of fun experiments and games for these lucky campers! They learned all about motion and the physics of their bodies.
Popular backyard favorites like whiffle ball, kickball, frisbee and more were enjoyed by campers enrolled in Backyard Sports camp this week!
Teen Travel and CIT
CIT campers were focused on learning first aid and CPR this week at camp. This basic first aid training allowed CITs to think about real life application of these skills.
Teen Travel campers headed to the beach for a day of fun in the sun this week!
On Monday, NACster campers participated in a World Cup game of soccer!
On Tuesday, campers dressed up in their best Wild Wild West outfits for a cowboy themed day.
Campers took a trip to Giggleberry Fair on Wednesday for a fun day full of educational activities.
On Thursday, campers had a fun day doing a variety of games and activities. Afterwards, some of our campers returned for the Laser Combat camp sleepover!
Last but not least, Friday our NACster campers worked together to build awesome forts to play inside of.
Camp Champs
Our Camp Champs for Week 10 are Schmidt from Pirate Island Camp and Brooke from NACster!
This week’s boy Camp Champ is Schmidt! Schmidt is a great addition to Camp NAC because he always comes dressed up for camp, no matter what the theme is. This week, Schmidt was seen wearing his best eyepatch for Pirate Island camp!
Our girl Camp Champ of the week this week is Brooke! She spent her week in Camp NACster, and has been attending Camp NAC all summer long. She is always a good listener and is nice to her camp friends, which are just two of the many reasons she is our camp champ this week!
Our Week 10 Counselor of the Week is Dave. Mr. Dave is a great addition to the Camp NAC team of counselors, which is why he is our Counselor of the Week this week. Dave always brings his A-game to camp and even spent extra time with his campers at the sleepover! Keep up the great work!
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