One Thing I'll Miss About Summer Is…

Every day at Camp NAC, our counselors and leadership team strive to provide an amazing and unforgettable experience for each and every camper that walks through our doors. Our mission is “Making Summer Better” so it’s no wonder our campers and counselors are sad to see summer coming to an end. This week is our last week here in Bucks County at Camp NAC, so we asked some of our staff and campers to tell us the one thing that they will miss most about summer!

One thing I’ll miss about summer is…


  • “Camp NAC’s pool.” –Ellie, 8
  • “Playing games with my camp friends.” – Giovanni, 8
  • “Playing in the pool with my camp friends.” –Derek, 6
  • “Going on the waterslide.” –Hailey, 7
  • “All of my favorite counselors!” –Joseph, 10
  • “Playing ‘What time is it Mr. Fox?’” –Carol, 5
  • “The sun, flowers, and going in the pool.” –Liliana, 5
  • “Friends from camp and having fun with all the campers by playing games with them.” –Colby, 15
  • “All of my awesome campers and counselors.” –Jonah, 14
  • “The fun I had and my counselors at camp. I will also miss the memories and friends I made here.” –Rachel, 10
  • “The fun I had with my camp and counselors.” –Rylee, 7
  • “The games and playing with my camp friends.” –Addison, 8


  • “Seeing how much the campers personalities grow throughout the duration of the summer.” –Miss Shayna, Half Day Specialty Camps
  • “Watching all the kids get so excited when they come to camp.” –Miss Heather, Half Day Specialty Camps
  • “Hanging out with my campers every day.” –Miss Colleen, Camp NACster
  • “Making all the kids laugh and smile by having fun with them.” –Mr. Kieran, Full Day Specialty Camps
  • “Seeing my campers’ smiling faces every day.” –Miss Olivia, Camp NACster
  • “Bonding with the counselors and campers every day.” –Mr. Dylan, Camp NACster
  • “Making memories with my campers and fellow counselors.” –Miss Katherine, Camp NACster
  • “Being able to relive my childhood through the games I play with my group as a counselor.”—Mr. Sam, Camp NACster

Summer may be coming to an end but you can still have fun at Camp NAC during our School’s Out Camps. Check out the list of 2015-16 dates and camps here!
What will you miss most about summer?