Camp NAC Welcomes Back Camp Manager Alex Davies

Last summer, Camp NAC said goodbye to one of our amazing managers, Alex Davies. After earning his degree in Secondary Education at Temple University, Alex moved to Memphis, Tennessee to work for Teach for America, an organization dedicated to strengthen educational equality and excellence around the country. With his first year teaching high school English complete, Alex will be returning to Camp NAC for part of the summer as a camp manager.
Alex joined the Camp NAC team for Summer 2014 as a part of the leadership team. His main focus was managing the full day specialty camp program. From planning the activities and creating schedules to making sure everything ran smoothly during the summer, Alex was an amazing addition to the Camp NAC team. Both campers and staff loved Alex’s enthusiasm and positive attitude each and every day at camp.
Alex is beyond excited to get back to Newtown and Camp NAC. “I’m excited to come back to Camp NAC for so many reasons. First of all, Camp NAC feels like home. I missed it very much last year while I was training with Teach For America and missed the family connection I created with both counselors and campers. I also missed planning awesome and complex activities for each camp and watching the campers bring those creations to life. I’m excited for camp sleepovers, all of our new Full Day Specialty Camps and for the outdoor pool complex—there’s nothing quite like it in Memphis, TN.”
The whole Camp NAC team is just as excited to welcome Alex back for Summer 2016 as he is to return. With his hard work and dedication to “Making Summer Better” for all campers, it is sure to be another great summer!