A Day in the Life of a Camper

With warmer weather quickly approaching, Camp NAC staff is already preparing for a fun-filled summer! With so many different types of camps, each day offers something exciting and unique to each and every camper. The best way to see how a typical Camp NAC day runs is through the eyes of a camper!
The Camp NAC day starts bright and early with Before Care starting at 7 am. Most campers are just waking up so Before Care is the most relaxed time of the exciting camp day. Some popular activities during this time include board games or rolling around on our scooters.
At around 8:45 am, the rest of our campers begin to arrive, eager for the fun-filled day ahead. Dexter and Grady Moore, two veterans campers, like to find some of their friends when they first arrive to camp. After receiving a wristband, campers sit with their groups and play relaxing sitting games. Some camper favorites are museum and charades. Once check-in is finished, campers are split into groups based on their age and are introduced to their counselors for the week. Then, the fun begins!
A wide range of activities is planned for the camp day ahead. Some of Dexter and Grady’s favorites are swimming and dodgeball. During swim time, campers get full access to our resort style outdoor pool complex. Dexter and Grady love to go down our awesome waterslides. Campers also love our giant bucket, which pours a tidal wave of water onto the pool below. A delicious lunch is also served during our camp day. All age groups gather to enjoy the nice weather outside by the pool. Campers are given a main meal, a side, fruit, and a drink. Some campers lunch favorites are chicken nuggets and hot dog.
Once the camp day comes to a close, campers gather their things and meet with their group, where their counselors will tell them whether they are going home, have swim lessons, or are in After Care. Dexter and Grady say they love going to After Care because one of their favorite activities, a giant game of run the bases, is a common game in After Care. They love being able to pick which activity they want to play in After Care. Campers are split into groups based on age once again, and are given the freedom to decide on an activity as group.
Once campers head home for the day, they look forward to tomorrow for more fun-filled activities!