Competition at Camp

Any time a game is played, whether amongst kids or even adults, our inner competitiveness tries to show itself. Typically when we hear the word “competition” a sense of pressure begins to overwhelm us with the desire to win. In the right dosage, competition is very healthy. It drives us to become the best we can be and instills a work ethic within us.
More so for the older kids, competition can be seen at camp almost every day. We play several games throughout the day, and sports camps are playing all day long. When we do play these games, against our friends and other campers, we have to remember that the most important thing is to have fun. Outside of the NAC we know our campers are very active, but when they are here the goal of the games should never be about winning. It is about having fun, making sure we try our best, and learning from our friends and mistakes. In order to do that, our camp games require positive participation and lots of teamwork! We should always be cheering for our friends and help teach them everything we know!
We need to remember that although we may want to show our friends how good we are that it is just a game. There is no trophy or prize involved, and there will be another round or game so if they are called out or they lose there will always be another opportunity.
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